Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has a retail value of $397.36 CDN


  • Nick

    I’d be really interesting in this phone at $400 at $600 not so much.

    • Mike

      Imma wait for the first few to have the first batch. If everything seems to be alright(Bugs and what not) I’ll probably pick one up.

  • resan

    i like it…………..can i get it free?

    • andy c

      sure, you’ll have to sell your soul for 3 years though.

    • chall2k5

      not for a while

  • Terry

    That’s a shame it’s not on Wind then, cause you know they’d sell it for $400-450 if that was the retail price.

  • Reggie Noble

    If they’re targeting this thing to gamers, they better be charging them a fare price for the Xperia Play. No gamer is gonna spend $600 on this thing when a PSP or DS is cheaper.

    If Phone/Gaming/Media combo devices start to become a norm, they’re gonna have to start selling these things in retail box stores UNLOCKED at comparable prices to PSP and Nintendo DS devices.. It should be available for all carriers, not just one carrier.

  • Sub-Joker

    I see the 400 price tag to be fairly reasonable. I don’t think any 24 year old person or older is gonna own it. It’s gonna be for the younger generation and so it better be priced competitively.

    • ehoustoun

      I disagree, I’m 25 and I think this thing is a very nice marriage of a useful smartphone and a legitimate gaming platform. I’d much sooner get one of these to replace my phone than have A PSP and an android phone on me. I think $400 would be a doorcrasher price, most likely though it’ll end up being $500+ if rogers is selling it considering the costs of the rest of their hardware.

  • StevieMe

    lol..i am 27 and this is the phone of my dreams. I have been waiting years for something like this to come along for the retro gamer in me. An all in one solution in my pocket. I too would be willing to dish out $400, not $600 though.

    • Sub-Joker

      lol, sorry Stevie, maybe I was speaking for myself. I stopped following video games when I entered university. I never had time for video games.

      but the last game I was playing was GT4 on my ps2 (I am a big GT fan, played them all from the original one on PSX till the 4). amazing game. I would buy the phone if they put Gran Tourismo in it I gotta say.

  • JoshG

    To make sure, that’s $400.00 ON a contract?! WOW… Too much.

    Will they make a Wind/Mobi compatible AWS version!?

    Will it have physical disk/card games? Or will the games be download only like the recent PSP? Laaaame…

    • chall2k5

      currently no t-mobile/Wind version will be released

  • Amelie Van Strydonck

    Sub-Joker, I do not agree, I’m a 28 woman I’m getting this phone…btw the average gamer in Canada are 33 yo…

    • Sub-Joker

      let’s discuss this on a cup of coffee…… i’m currently in montreal.