iPhone 4 apparently explodes… “Basically the battery caught on fire”


  • Deky_

    Omg, this is so lame…

  • LikeMyMobiflip

    Use A123 battery, it doesn’t catch on fire. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, high power, high storage and 100% recyclable.

  • Sean

    And I just exchanged my iPhone 4 because it was getting too hot. Since it didn’t hit a temp warning the work order says the reasoning was “BS”

  • crunch204


  • Jonesy1966

    My sister got rid of my niece’s iP4 last year when it started over heating in standby mode. She took it back to the carrier who gladly exchanged it for another phone (sorry, no idea what), saying in their words it was an “unknown known issue”. This was in the UK.

  • Sub-Joker

    I thought phones have a mechanism to turn off if they over heat too much…. unless this guy purposely plugged it in inappropriately or something like that to burn it purposely, I don’t think that was true what he mentioned.

    • Jonesy1966

      People thought that laptops wouldn’t explode. Well they did and still do.

      The problem with Apple is that you never know who to believe. I mean “Antenna-Gate” could have been avoided had they just admitted there was a design flaw and announced that there was a fix in the works. But no, they decided in their wisdom to accuse people of lying and then tried to muck-spread other mobile manufacturers while they were at it.

      According to themselves, Apple’s never in the wrong, which makes videos like this one more credible than perhaps they deserve to be.

  • Chris Marle

    Really, people these day can do anything to get their 2 minutes of fame.

  • Wedontcare

    My name says it.

  • Andrew

    The video is stupid, but it seems like the guy is just wanting the phone replaced by apple. If it was bullshit he would have faked an injury and would be asking for money’s to be paid.

  • Jordan

    Stop texting at 300mph and you won’t create the friction involved for setting your phone on fire!

  • m1ndtr1p

    And what’s this I hear all the time about the iPhone’s “superior build quality” over other phone manufacturers? Hilarious!

    • Chris Marle

      I really hope that you don’t believe this guy seriously.

    • Ger

      @m1ndtr1p Considering how many millions of iPhones have been sold and haven’t blown up, I’d say the iPhone’s build quality is quite good. There’s one thing I always take note of when I handle phones, cameras, etc.: does it creak when holding it? Creaking is a telltale sign of a device’s poor build quality. My old Rogers BB Bold 9700 (made in Mexico) had to be exchanged three times because they all creaked like crazy whenever pressure was put near the sides, the trackpads were loose, and the chrome border around the screen had a huge gap through which the backlighting would leak. When I bought my iPhone 4, I had none of those issues…all the buttons click with equal tactile feedback and the phone doesn’t sound like it’s going to fall apart when i touch it. I loved the keyboard on the Blackberry, but I was really doubting its ability to last me for the two year contract, nevermind a three year contract most people take.

      Of course, there are exceptions for every manufacturer, but the iPhone’s build quality smokes anything from RIM, LG or Samsung.

      Back to the battery specifically, assuming the guy is actually telling the truth about how the phone blew up, it’s important to remember that Apple doesn’t manufacture their batteries themselves. It’s like you buying a pair of Energizers for a television remote and having them explode.

  • sookster54

    Probably an aftermarket counterfeit battery, they’re known to get really hot and explode. Back in 2003 a man in Hong Kong had a hole blown into his head while using his phone with a counterfeit battery.

  • Rogers Rep

    Phone of the year!

  • tjok4578

    This is just stupid. This guy wanted his iphone to be replaced, wanted few minutes of fame, and wanted some compensation for it from Apple.

    Really, phones don’t just explode out of thin air…”it just got really warm and blew up”. Chemical reactions don’t just happen like that, you need to do a kick-in the butt thing to make it happen, which he probably did.

    I disagree with comments who are accusing Apple and iphone 4. They are simply bringing their own personal grudge or hatred against Apple. If you look at it from neutral point of view, I doubt it is the phone’s fault. I mean 8.4 million or so iphone 4 were sold, why wouldn’t explode..just randomly?

    Every electronic device IS CAPABLE of exploding! Even PSP blew up , so is SONY BAD and crap? Nobody said anything about that. What about Samsung battery, that exploded too, i don’t see that being posted. I could go on and on, but point being is, people need to stop taking apple’s products that malfunction or something else (intentionally done by the end user) out of proportion.

    There is a BIG design flaw with HTC mytouch 4g, with the power button. Seriously, you can’t text properly! if you hold the phone normally to text, it keeps giving the msg to turn off the phone… I never saw anyone making videos and such about that.

    In the end, don’t blame the company, users aren’t always innocent :).

    • TokyoKiller

      Just thought I’d correct you, 31.3 million iPhones 4’s have been sold since its release in the summer.

  • qq`

    o My all the myth of blown battery blow on someones head
    call the mythbuster!!

  • Jean-Michel

    The guy dropped his iphone, broke the screen, then opened it manualy (it doesn’t explode), then set it on fire himself, after what he claimed it catched on fire and dropped it on the floor cause it was too hot.

  • gameg2l

    well… if this vid is true… why would he want a new iphone 4?! Cash compensation sounds more like an option.
    If it happened to me, I’ll never ever buy Apple product again… EVER!

  • hahahaha

    it is wierd that there is no burn mark on the outside, or no melting from the back, only a broken glass on the front, seem to me if it exploded it would crack the glass from the back more than the front