Rogers & Fido increasing 411 Directory Assistance March 16th to 2.50/call

I’m not sure how many people still call 411 Directory Assistance from a mobile device but it must be getting significantly lower year-over-year. I personally can’t remember the last time I dialed 411, Google and the Yellow Pages app have replaced 411 for myself. However from a customer standpoint an increase is never needed. Effective March 16th, Rogers and Fido will be increasing the pay-per-use rate for 411 Directly Assistance calls from a wireless device by $0.50 to $2.50 per call (plus airtime and taxes).

Below is a list of other carrier 411 per call rates (plus taxes):
Bell: $1.90/call
TELUS: $1.50/call
Wind Mobile: $1.75/call
Solo Mobile: $2.49 per call if you are on a Solo monthly rate plan or $1.99 per call Prepaid
Public Mobile: Does not support 411 calls
Virgin Mobile: $2.50/call
Videotron: $1.99/call
Chatr: $2.00/call
Mobilicity: $3.00/call

More here at Rogers & Fido
(Thanks Rob!)