Facebook: “No” Facebook-branded phone is coming… rumours are “overblown”


  • Jordan

    Does anyone really care about a “Facebook Phone”? Phones with a FB app already does everything you need it too.

  • Mickey

    I have set up my internet browser to BLOCK all facebook related websites in order to not contaminate my computer with that crap.

    • Coldbones

      Amen to that.

  • Andrew

    Sounds dumb maybe facebook and JAWG can work together to waste more peoples time.

  • raymond


  • Carlos Andres

    shut up with your wind comments… geezzz i think by now everyone gets the point. you love mobi and hate Wind. personally i don’t have wind but you are just really annoying. give it up already!!!

    • Carlos Andres

      so now that JAWG’s comments were deleted, my comment makes no sense. lol.

  • Geoff

    I really don’t see the point of this. HTC already syncs your contacts with Facebook and the Facebook app basically lets you do anything you’d want to do in it. Why stop there? How about a “text message” branded phone or an “email” branded phone? Maybe even a “telephone” branded phone?

  • kevin

    i know it is off topic.. but when will be available for facebook email?? what took them so long? alrite.. back to the topic, i don’t care about facebook phone, i rather to use facebook app!

  • Andrew


    you are either a paid corporate stooge, a troll, or a mentally deficient 12 year old(go back to xbox live if this is the case). People sit here and mock you because you don’t add to any conversation, you detract from it. We can’t ban you, so we mock you and make sure everyone knows your a tool. Keep talking, you just prove everyone right.

    Also, just saying you don’t have multiple handles, doesn’t actually convince people this is true. We already know you are a liar and astroturfer, it’s just irritating to have to hit that scroll wheel one more time to look past your inane rantings.

  • Andrew

    @Carlos Andres

    Ya, mine to. I am dissapoint.

  • Tiffany

    High schoolers would be all over this

  • Amar

    A facebook phone would be completely useless, most phones already do Facebook well. This would be the most worst phone to come out, especially if the specs are what was “said” before.

  • Myballslooklike…


  • bummy

    Maybe Facebook wants their own OS, like Google did?