Rogers discounts select Smartphones… offers “New Exclusive $40 Promo Plan”


  • jellmoo

    Would it have killed them to put at least 1 semi-interesting handset on that list?

    • zorxd

      Agreed. But at least Rogers realized that nobody will pay $50/month for a Galaxy Spica or a LG Eve.
      I think there is a market for the $30/month low-end smartphone. I even think that there should be a pre-paid smartphone plan. I would say something like 10¢/MB and you buy the usual refill cards.

    • jellmoo


      I agree. I think there more than likely is a market for people who want to have the convenience of owning a smartphone, but are not power users.

      That phone lineup though… Wow. I’m somewhat surprised that there isn’t a low end BlackBerry in there though.

    • End

      I’d say the X10 mini is “semi-interesting”
      and the Wave is very interesting (I have one! haha). But mine is unlocked so I get sofware updates from Samsung 🙂

  • JAWG

    Wow, what a great deal. Sign me up!!!

  • crayjay

    +$12 for call display and voicemail
    +selling your soul for 3 years

    … but honestly at least Rogers is making an effort. Other unnamed companies are just terrible.

  • Sean

    Wow on Wind and Mobi you only need to pay $5 more and you get everything unlimited.

    This is such a better offer i would totally take this over spending the extra $5

    -Coming from someone who has 30 months left on a telus contract =(

    • jacques

      Why did you sign a 3 year contract just 6 months ago with all the competition out there. Unless you are not in one of their zones.

    • Sean

      Didn’t know much about them then and at the time the only really good android phone they had was the Nexus one (which is still good) but i wanted a different one at the time.

    • zorxd

      Yes and at the wifi hotspot down there you can get unlimited data and calls (free google phone). Therefore, Wind and Mobilicy sucks too. Coverage doesn’t matter isn’t it?

  • Chris Marle

    I want unlimited data… I can pay for it but none of our carriers are giving it.

    • Sub-Joker

      I don’t think there’s gonna be any unlimited data plans here in canada. with all the tethering capabilities of the new androids and the iPhone soon, not to mention some symbian powered devices, ppl won’t buy any home internet and will just tether. This will result in everybody hogging the network and so it will affect the provider’s network reliability.

  • Deky_

    Lame Rogers lame…

  • Bo

    And of course call display is not included. There is no rational train of thought where call display isn’t a standard, basic feature to be included in every plan. It’s 2010 Rogers get your head out of your big corporate a*s.

  • Brian

    Hahahaha. “Exclusive offer”

    Telus has had this plan since August, Bell since October or so.

    • Fadedspark

      Yup. Just means I can get my rep to renew telus student offers indefinitely rather than have then end next week.

  • Seb

    Wow really… a HTC Magic+ (that we fought tooth and nail to get 2.1 on it) and locked into a 3y contract with a 32 month HUP.

    • Johnny

      32 month HUP? What Rogers are you with? Data HUPS are 24 months my friend

    • Chris Marle

      Guess why I’m buying all my phones without contract ( or factory unlocked )

  • Tim

    The Keyword isn’t the $40 Promo Plan,

    What should be noted is that you’d get the discounted price for those selected phones WITHOUT data during this time as noted in that white paper as it’s usually a $100 cancellation fee for data.

    I’ve only heard of Telus offering phones without a Data commitment [$200 cancellation]

    So i’d say, anyone looking for any of those smartphones, no need to sign up for data.

    This for New Activations or does it include existing?

  • Bill

    Way to get get rid of your old, outdated phones Rogers. Typical for them though…I can’t believe they still continue to put out crap like this.

    • Chris Marle

      Some people are buying these phones so somehow it’s successful.

    • Tim

      Well least we know there are new phones coming to Rogers from them doing this promo – good news since their lineup isn’t that strong in terms of smartphones.

    • Bill

      Of course people are buying them – the ones that don’t do their research and 6 months down the road will regret their decision – hence, in the end, yet another ticked off Rogers customer.

  • Tim


    Rogers reverted the change back to 24 months after a week. I’d dig up the link but i’ve also spoke to many representatives and they also said they changed it back to 24 months for HUP.

  • Me Ted

    One word: D E L U S I O N A L.

    What a $#itload of f***.

  • WirelessBoy

    @Seb They actually changed it back to 24 months after that was posted, I guess there was a ton of complaints so they changed it.

    @Sean I would take this plan over paying $5 more for unlimited because when I travel outside of the Home Zones that Mobi and Wind have I know that I do not have to pay extra for Text Messaging and Data which I use more than Voice when I am outside of my local calling area. I wish you guys would stop saying “I get Unlimited Voice/Data/Text”, if you and I were to go to say Kingston, Ontario your Unlimited plan just went out the door and my data and text messaging are still good to use and not be charged. Voice is different, yes I will give you that…

  • Max

    I am in Ottawa and happy with Wind’s service. $40/month unlimited on EVERYTHING!!!! & NO GxxDAMN contract!

  • Mickey

    WOW what a great deal ! Please sign me up, please also slap my face and spit in my eye Rogers ! I’ll take it all from you !

  • Toteek

    So many people comment in here as if everyone lives in a WIND or Mobilicity Zone. Living in Manitoba, we don’t get many options. Rogers is the only HSPA network here, at least until MTS gets theirs going.

  • Bubzilla

    Its really amusing how arrogant the big 3 are. They have the ability to lower their rates(and I dare say get rid of contracts *gasp*) and still make profit and bring back disgruntled customers(nothing says I’m sorry like a no strings attached good deal). Will they do this? Of course not. Why? Because they feel once the “novelty” of these new companies run their course, cell customers who defected to Wind and Mobilicity will crawl back in droves. Once in a while they will throw a bone such as this one(with all the hidden fees and fineprint to go with it….paying for caller id, come on!) but really look at it for what it is, an insult to our intelligence.

  • david dee

    I am speechless! Do they really think people are that naive to see this as anything more than a veiled attempt to unload excess inventory of their second rate phones that are not selling? The icing on the cake: Locking into a 3 year contract for a crappy, non-competitive plan lacking anything unlimited outside of SMS messaging? Why would I lock in for 3 years and pay $40/month for 200 minutes, 100mb of data, a Canada wide plan long distance plan for only 10 people when other carriers are offering unlimited data, unlimited local & Canada (and in some cases US) calling, unlimited global texting and all full calling features for $40-$45 / month with no contract?
    Not sure what is going on at the executive level at Rogers but it should be crystal clear to most why the Financial Post stated this morning that BCE is regaining the status as Canada’s leading telecom company.

    • Baester

      Buddy, see the comment a few up. Not “everybody” lives in a zone where the new entrants operate. My god, you try to speak for the masses but speak with a segmented voice, rendering your comment ignorant and thus, ineffective. This is a national plan.

  • MXM4K

    This looks exactly like the Telus student 40 plan that I signed up on back in August. The only difference is that I was able to get a really good smartphone (Desire) and it had voicemail included. And I was able to get Caller ID thrown in there on top of that, but that wasn’t standard.

    So only 6 months behind Telus and Bell, mid and low end smartphones, and no voicemail/call id included. Oh and don’t forget that amalgamated SAF/911 fee they charge on top of that. Why would anyone sign up with Rogers again?

  • Dr J

    OMG OMG OMG 100MB and 200 minutes

    same old vomit as always

  • Paulysworld

    Hey, their CEO was paid $14 million last year. This is how he assures himself of getting $15 next year; dump our old inventory for 3 year contracts and offer very little in return. Just sayin’…

  • seller

    i second Me Ted on this one..

  • Betty Koyle

    This is such a good deal! Im going to sign up for 4 contracts with 4 phones, so I can get my moneys worth! cause this is a hot smokin deal! deal of the year!

  • Devon Mah

    Where is this screenshot from? Rogers is refusing to let me upgrade to one of these phones on a non deta plan unless i can find proof within their own documentation.

  • XER

    Poor Nadir… He only has 10 friends across the country out of 31 million population in Canada.

    • WirelessBoy

      Wow, alot of trolls/fanboys hanging out here 🙂

      I can bet if Rogers/Bell/Telus came out with a $50 unlimited everything plan that includes all of their coverage area you guys would still be complaining!

  • Devon Mah

    How can you get the offer for an upgrade on voice only? the rep i spoke to refused to acknowlege its existance

  • A. Carmine

    200 minutes? 100 MBs? Wow, don’t know how I ever survived with limits like that. I appreciate my $40 unlimited EVERYTHING With Wind Mobile even more now.

  • joe

    What an insult and a joke.

  • Huh?

    It’s a post-holiday miracle!

  • Rhonda

    hahahahah Love how the promo code is CON.

  • Justdoitagain

    Their promo code to tie you down 3 years starts with “CON” and ends with “ZZ”


  • aj

    100 mb = fail…

  • Inu Endo

    Dear Rogers,
    Please ask me to remove my pants BEFORE you try to have sex with me, ok?

  • Robby

    If they made it 500 mb plus unlimited social networking and included caller ID, then you know what, this would’ve been very good for the people outside of the fortunate ones like us in the home zones. Seriously Rogers, you took a step but try to be less of asses when you do it. Will it really hurt you for that FREE caller ID to be included and that extra 500mb?!

  • JAWG’s Girlfriend

    robers, are you nuts???? this one should go for $5/month, not $40. Including CID and VM.
    robers, you guys are loosing it

  • Michael Kwan (@michaelkwan)

    This would be interesting if it wasn’t limited to that horrible selection of crappy smartphones.

  • Ann

    Beware before you sign up. My daughter has a LG smartphone since July 2010 and she is on her 3rd phone. The phone does not hold its charge. Many trips to Rogers and endless time on the phone, while still paying over $70 month for services. Last night she spoke to many Rogers support staff and the best they could recommend that she buy a new phone $249 and she should consider herself fortunate that they Rogers had tried to fix her problem.
    They only sell LG phones they do not upgrade faulty phones to ensure that you maybe able to actually use it.
    She loves the features LG offers if it would only work.