Rogers internal doc: “Our Explanation of the Claims Made About Mobilicity”

New entrant Mobilicity and Rogers are rivals in wireless – the two companies just don’t get along. It could be that Mobilicity went to the Competition Bureau after Chatr launched which might see Rogers paying a $10 million fine for false advertising claims… or it could be that the Mobilicity “Magenta Militia” stopped by the Rogers Head Office and paraded around promoting unlimited wireless. An interesting 2-page internal document has popped up on Howard Forums that shows Rogers going head-to-head with Mobilicity and gives a complete “explanation of the claims made about Mobilicity” such as the “Reality of Unlimited” and “Reality of No Bill Surprises”… basically going after them in every angle from coverage to high upfront device costs and a full breakdown of comparing monthly plans. Check it out after the break and leave your comments about what you think of it…

Via: Howard Forums