Update: Free roaming for Vancouver Mobilicity customers is over

A few weeks back Mobilicity extended their generosity to their Vancouver customers by giving them free roaming. The reason for this was because their network was still being optimized and customers were getting “CDN Roaming” while in the Mobilicity coverage area. An update for you as an internal doc states that the “Optimization of the network in Vancouver is finished, therefore there is no more 0 rated roaming”.

• All phones will default to the strongest signal so at times you will see roaming while in the Mobilicity coverage area.
• Roaming towers will be shut off to prevent in-coverage roaming.

In addition, the free social networking promo ends tonight. This included the sites Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo and FourSquare. Unless you have the unlimited data Add-on you will be charged data usage for the social networking.

(Thanks tipster!)