BlackBerry Bold 9780 coming soon to Mobilicity


  • Jake

    Woot, woot! This phone rocks 🙂

  • JE

    thid phone rocks but mobilicity sux

    • JE


  • tom

    bb are a very unsmart smart phones

  • JAWG

    I hope this phone has a better vibrator. The ones on the 9700 don’t satisfy my sister and me.

    • mAnNy

      try real stuff :p

  • mAnNy

    i have blackberry bold 9780 t-mobile and its workin great with wind i love this fone its much better then 9700……:)

  • Moe Arkanhine

    Leave Moblicity alone you a*s. I like WIND just as much as the next guy and you know what, this is great that Moblicity’s getting another phone. Whatta kid.

  • JAWG

    I was amazed as to how good the MobiFlip works on this network for only $50,their mast to mast releases are so good now you can almost hardly notice any drops in reception at various locations and this is really improving…I imagine this will only get better and they are proving to be the best of the new entrants.I can understand why the stores are filling up and as I said they absolutely need better phones soon from top to bottom.The BB9780 will be a good addition and this is why I think they may in the future stick to the $30/$40 Holiday Plans…if not the regular plans are good where they just need a bit of altering.

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  • 5Gs

    Mobi loves to copy WIND

    • Dan


      After Wind copys Mobilicity Holiday plans and Wind copies Koodos Tab..

      Get real, carrying a phone isn’t copying.. WIND DOESNT EVEN HAVE IT YET… Winds info was just leaked first, so it could be the other way around.

  • JAWG

    Too bad Wind can’t copy Mobi on quality/performance and what about the Holiday Plans…definitely Wind copied Mobi in desperation.

  • G6

    Speaking of Mobi copying Wind, didn’t Mobi come out with the special holiday plans first and Wind follow along? Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Regulator

    Who cares who copied who, cell phone prices aren’t about plagarism, they are about saving money in my books.

    I guess JAWG is still in kindergarten mode.

    • tbr

      Many care, Windblows is following Mobi on almost everything. The true market leader and best network is Mobilicity by far. I for one will always support the company with the guts to start the best plans in Canada and of course have the best network that means Mobilicity.

      I know you don’t really mean that but are just marketing to divert attention to the obvious that Mobilicity has a much superior marketing department and is not being sold for pennies on the dollar.

  • mAnNy

    well i tried both mobilicity and wind………network of mobilicity sucks…….wind is way better then mobilicity trust me …

    • tbr

      I’m on Mobilicity in Vancouver and I am extremely happy with the service. I don’t understand what you are talking about.

  • kiasu

    i’m with Mobi since Nov 1 with $35 FF and never had any problem…not sure why some ppl complain about it

  • Raphael

    lols i wonder how much they’re selling this for.. probably like 500 ahah XD