Image: RIM shows off BlackBerry PlayBook at Rogers TabLife


  • bummy

    Man I soooo want one!

    • shakewell

      you and me both… at least give us a date… or more videos

    • DaRazorback

      I have to agree with you both. The initial videos I have seen on here have made my mouth water in anticipation.

    • zorxd

      Yeah both of you should get a date.

  • TomatoGuy

    So what tablet will get to the market first, iPad2 or Playbook? And which one will be priced better based on the value provided(internal specs, features, screen size, overall build quality)? 2011 is going to be very interesting year for tablets and powerful smartphones.

  • mrdowntown

    More Vaporware! Too Little To Late……

    • jyu

      More Vaporware! I guess you also include the ipad2

    • mrdowntown

      Since the company doesn’t talk about rumors or unannounced products, will to wait and see what Apple has in store. Thus the reason I called the PlayBook “VaporWare”.

  • Harry

    apple most probably will launch the ipad2 in april hence playbook will launch first

  • Stephane

    I’m totally psyched for this, and I’m definitely a blackberry loyalist…but I’m concerned the lack of apps will end up swaying me to an ‘i’ tablet…hopefully blackberry can get everyone else onboard and fast…

    • shakewell

      I hope the new qnx os, actually decent hardware and adobe air/flash programming platform will renew or spark some new interest in programmers.

    • lewis

      “but I’m concerned the lack of apps will end up swaying me to an ‘i’ tablet”
      Are you worried about lack of apps or lack of “useable” apps. I mean how many fart apps can you put on a tablet anyway?

  • Steve-O

    Where do I know that guy from?

    • OMG Ponies!

      He’s been all over the place. well known in the industry, reps in GSMA and used to work for Telus, I believe somewhere in product development.

    • OMG Ponies!

      If you mean the guy on the right that is. Funny guy too. Dry English sense of humor.

  • Chris Marle

    Come on iPad 2!

  • narci

    I hope Rogers is not the SOLE distributor of the Playbook.

    • A. Carmine

      Thank God they won’t be, apparently WIND Mobile is talking to them now about getting a Playbook that works on their network. If they do, I’d definitely get one with them instead of Rogers. Unlimited data FTW

    • shakewell

      I was pretty stoked when I read that article on wind gunning for playbook. If they get it then I’m sure there will be a way to use it on mobilicity and my unlimited data plan. I think there’s supposed to be a way to tether a blackberry to it too. The playbook + possibility of apps + unlimited data from my plan + full web browser + my email and bbm (fingers crossed) all in one very portable 7 inch package. Damn, might actually consider a tablet.

  • Volkan

    looks cool!.

  • Nick Santella

    No wonder they have been beating street expectations for quaterly results. People reviewed the torch so badly, I have a torch and its the most amazing phone I have ever had. The playbook also looks to have major potential to face the ipad head on. Watch out

  • Luka

    That thing looks tiny!

  • frank Scone

    Does anyone know if Rogers will charge you an additional data fee to connect the playbook to your blackberry?