Virgin and Solo come out with Unlimited No Zone $50 plan


  • Adi

    Love how it’s not available on any smartphone lol


  • Stewie

    Love how the virgin plan is not available on smartphones… and also says no zone restriction but yet your not allowed to call long distance….lol! Zones in provinces (example in Quebec 438,514,450,819 are all around quebec….yet my 514 wouldnt be allowed to call the 819 area cuz its long distance….but theres not supposed to be boundries…Virgin fails again (thank god im not with them anymore. :S )

    • Ryan

      Area Code zones are not the same as ‘home zones’ like Fido, Mobilicity, etc use.

      Local calling, outgoing, will always be relative to your current location.

      However if you are with one of the ‘zone-based’ companies then if you leave the city, you’re no longer in their ‘unlimited’ zone, and it’s different.

  • zorxd

    “No zone” means that no matter where you are, you can make unlimited local calls. This has nothing to do with area code. If you are in the 514, you can call 438 and probably most if not all of 450. However if you are in 819 (Gatineau) you can’t call 819 (Sherbrooke) without paying long distance fees.
    Believe it or not, some plans work only if you are in your home town. Local calls outside of your zone are then charged extra.

    • Stewie

      so then tell me…whats the point of advertising a no zone restriction(which BY DEFINITION means NO ZONE RESTRICTION)…would I be restricted from a zone… LOL. they are just putting into words what has been available for years… and BTW 514,438 and 450 are all montreal,north,and south shore.. it just doesnt hold up…its very false as advertisement… why would I need to pay 50$ more for something that is already available on my regular plan…on ANYONES regular plan.. this is why virgin is losing a couple hundred customers a day to other, more reliable, and less scam like companies who may charge a little more for their service, but wont advertise that you can do something new, when its not new…

    • zorxd

      “no zone” should be understood as “no specific zone” because it works no matter in which zone you are. Call it unlimited local calling if you prefer, I don’t care.
      And no, it has not been available for years. Unlimited (voice&text) plans are not common in Canada. The new providers offer it, but their coverage is very limited to big cities. Videotron offer it in Quebec, but it is specific to an “urban zone” (either Montreal, Quebec city, Trois-Rivières or Sherbrooke), except if you pay more for their unlimited province-wide offer of course. You can get not unlimited but big (about 2000 minutes I think) city Fido but then again it works only in your zone.
      So yes, this is something new.

      I still think that $50 is way too expansive however.

  • E

    this is BS. Telus has offered this for a long time… (or at least, I’ve had this no-zone feature for the past 6 years…) and I still can’t justify paying 30$ for them…

    Nothing new and/or exciting here…

    • zorxd

      No zone, yes. But you are limited to what? 200-250 minutes? Again, the main point here is UNLIMITED

  • Steveorama

    Holy cow again, this site is full of morons… If your 416 is local you are unlimited calling in and out, if you go to a 613 you can make calls to 613 # and receive 613# as much as you want… and international text…. whats he problem, stop hating for no reason… its available all across Canada and for 20$ more it looks like you now have unlimited anywhere in canada…. Holy cow, grow up i****s

    • zorxd

      I am pretty sure that if your phone is from Toronto and you travel to Ottawa, incoming calls will be charged long distance.

  • Andy C

    the only way you would be able to restrict smartphones from this would make it so you would not be allowed to add a data plan.

  • JAWG


    Now that was funny!!!!

  • Rene

    I like my “no zone” plan from Fido better.

    $50 anywhere on the Rogers network, includes LD, text, and unlimited minutes. When someone offers something like that, then we’ll have something to talk about!

  • JAWG


    Do you get anything else with that…sound like a good plan!?!

  • Regulator


  • Justin Credible

    Haha how come yoou people don’t understand “zones” yet???

    A zone, such as classic CityFido plans have, means they are only valid while in THAT ONE ZONE. Ehen you travel outside the zone your plan doesnt apply. No zones mean they work like any other plan. You can use your minutes in whatever local calling area you are in at the time you make a call. Just like all other plans it does NOT mean you can call long distance outside of wherever you are at any given time. It’s so simple. There is absolutely no false advertising whatsoever, i****s.

  • SS123

    HAHAH another lame attempt to mimic marketing and promotions that obviously have started to make an impact on the Big 3.. New Entrants FTW

  • Keegan

    Everyone seems to forget you can just add the unlimited long distance option!!!!!!! HELLOOOO!!!! It says it right on Solo’s site…

  • Mike

    Yah, and adding that will give you unlimited no matter where you go… Hence the NO ZONES!!!

    Also, WHAT THE HELL DOES “after the break” MEAN?!


    HERE ARE THE REAL FACTS: You can get it with a smartphone however you will need to add data. Plus if you want unlimited talk in Canada you just need to add the $20 option and you’ll get unlimited calling everywhere in the country. So $70 for unlimited talk and text in Canada sounds fair to me if you talk a lot.

    • Stewie

      what fkn company are you with??? Unlimited talk and text??… not available here…that I know of… and 70$??… I feel that to be a little over exaggerated (even in the US unlimited unlimited plans start at 99$(with sprint)… I pay that for 300 minutes and unlimited photo video and picture messaging..1gig of data…

  • Mike

    stewie what are you even talking about?! This whole article is about unlimited calling plans for $50!!! If you add the unlimited long distance plan ($20) u get unlimited long distance!!!!! What is so hard to understand? The plans in Canada are much better than those in the states! For unlimited everything (with a 2 gig cap on data) with AT&T it costs about $150! US Calling plans suck! They never include international text either! So no complaints about this plan! It’s better than any plan in Europe, and better than any plan you will find almost anywhere else. So if this doesn’t please people, it’s time to just not own a cell.

  • Mike

    Oh I will also just point out that I am with FIDO and I pay $75 a month for UNLIMITED Data/calling to all of Canada and the states and unlimited international text. (I also have visual voicemail caller id and call waiting. (NO ZONES which means I can go anywhere on Fido’s network and not be charged for calls to Canada or the us.)

  • George K


    Who told you it can be used on a smart phone? I just called 2 virgin kiosks (the one in Square One and Eaton Centre). I asked both of them “can I get this plan on a new iPhone 4 then add the $30 data plan?”. They both said no. They told me this plan can only be applied to certain phones.

    What I think is dumb is that the people who want these plans are also the people who care about phones. My parents are fine with dumbphones but they also use under 100 minutes combined so there is no value in this plan. My daughter uses a messaging feature phone but she doesn’t even have any talk time, just unlimited texting. The only people who actually care about these plans are also the people who care about having decent phones/smartphones.

    The big three have it backwards. They’re marketing the unlimited plans at value shoppers when it’s the power users who actually care about this stuff.

    • Stu

      Grab an iphone directly from Apple, Koodo will sell you a sim card with their no zone unlimited plan

  • gord

    it on there crappy phones cdm phone no one wants

  • seller

    i think some of you guys are missing the point, people in rural areas haven’t been offered unlimited (local) plans unless they bitched to client retentions long enough, i still think that this is still a step in the right direction.