Mobilicity releases the LG Wink at $99.99


  • gord

    im in finally 25.00 plan by solo

  • JAWG

    Another crap phone from Mobilicity. 2 inch touchscreen, 1.3 mp camera, seriously?

  • JAWG (The Real One)

    @Fake JAWG:

    Try using your real handle for once…I still agree as I hate LG’s.

  • tbr

    I was in the mobilicity store by metrotown and I can tell you they have a lot of people signing up. If this continues I think the big three will get desperate soon.

    JAWG, I signed up last week with Mobilicity (I kept my telus phone) and I have to say that the coverage is much better than I thought it would be. I can only make preliminary comments about the service because I have not tested everywhere. Downtown has very good reception. The farther you get from the downtown core it gets weaker. I find that south of 41st avenue there are holes. In my basement I have no bars but most of the times I am able to make calls. I was in an elevator today and it worked fine once but later did not.

    I don’t recommend anyone giving up their contract if they need it for business but for the average person mobilicity would be just fine. I will comment to you when I have had it a bit longer to test it out.

  • david william brown

    Got a phone exactly like the one above. It does not come with a radio. It is suppose to have an mp3 player but I can’t figure out how to download the music into the phone. The user guide that I had to download is of no help. Help!

  • victor

    my wink.keypad# 7 8 9 will not work and messagaes they are frozen