Acer Liquid Metal is heading to Rogers Wireless


  • gbo

    yawn. How are we Canucks supposed to get excited for an 800MHz, 3.6 inch phone when the rest of the world either has had phones with those specs for a while and/or are now focusing attention on the new dual-core phones coming around the corner.

  • alex

    this is a new generation snapdragon, same as G2
    much faster than original
    not a dual-core…but is has a good battery size for hardware…might last a little longer than Liquid E
    This more than likely will be my next phone

  • Paul

    Can’t wait to see that 4.8″ device come to the market!

  • Miknitro

    Sharp looking phone with decent specs.

    I like the look of it myself.

  • IPhone droid

    I hope it comes to fido like the liquid e did. This phone looks great 🙂

  • Nico

    I think I want the unnamed 4.8″ screen one…

  • james vond

    Underpowered. For a device that big, it has an average camera and 800mhz processor?

  • Dab

    I have to agree with gbo (first comment). Really, why would anyone get pumped about this phone when so many other choices are out there with better specs? Why do Canadian providers, particularly Rogers, seem so slow to adopt phones that they are always a half-generation behind?

  • Meshach David

    Based on the specs, the phone looks good, but so did the older Acer, and I don’t think it did well (feel free to prove me wrong). Yea the only downside to this phone is that 800 Mhz processor, the smart phone standard is pretty much 1 Ghz, so blackberry, acer and everyone else using under powered processors need to get on that.

    Also, Rogers needs more smartphones with full qwerty keyboards that is not a blackberry or the LG eve.

    • Andy C

      the old liquid E was a good phone from a software and spec prospective but the big knock on it was the cheap plastic build and overheating.

      replacing the plastic housing with metal is a good upgrade and hopfully they got the overheating issue straightened out.

      they should have introduced this and skipped over the liquid E last year.

  • Curtis

    Before everyone gets all worked up about this being an 800Mhz processor, do some research on what the 7230 is all about. Clock speed isn’t everything in processors. There are new top of the line server grade processors that have lower clock speeds than old Pentium 4 processors.

    As mentioned by Alex above, the 7230 is a 2nd generation chip from Qualcomm, and is paired with a more powerful GPU (graphics) than what the previous 1Ghz processors were paired with. Combine that with the fact that Acer seems to provide a fairly stock version of Android with their products, and you should see a phone that performs nicely.

    • gbo

      Yes, I’m fully aware that the newer 800Mhz are superior to the 1st gen 1Ghz processors. My point was, in about 2 months time, the USA and Europe will have more then 6 dual-core high-end phones available. We will have phones that look closer to this phone for the next 6 months. I think these phones are great, just 6 months ago. I’d love to get excited about these phones but it’s like buying a new car today. Sure I’d be excited to have a new car until I read the fine print that my new car is a 2008 car with 0 kms. Yes, still a new car, but it would leave me with a bit of a ripped off feeling.