Red BlackBerry Torch 9800 arrives at Bell and Virgin Mobile


  • Justin Credible

    Even Virgin gets this…nice. Hey FIDO, I’m looking at you. You’re a much bigger national carrier, and you even have some business accounts. Perhaps a Torch in 2012 is coming? Geez.

    • bummy

      I don’t think FIDO will carry the torch… High-end phones are usually carried by Rogers, aren’t they?

  • Luke

    have NO DESIRE for a blackberry (with it’s small screen size), but I do like the colour.

  • barry

    wasn’t the style supposed to be released today too?

  • shakewell

    The torch looks killer in red.

  • JAWG

    First 42 mbps speeds and now this.
    This puts Wind and Mobilicity to shame. Good job Bell.

    Anyone who sign ups with Wind and Mobilicity on their horrible network is stupid.

    Bell has the best network.

  • JAWG (The Real One)

    Now isn’t this interesting…someone imitating me to support one of the Big Three.Crazy man!!!

  • JAWG (The Real One!)

    Wow, unbelievable. 2 people imitating me.
    Just unbelievable.

  • JAWG

    It is…must make you all wet inside.Wear yourself out again!!!


    the back isnt the same texture as the black version, its fullout plastic, color is cool tho, but i kinda like the rubbery feel on the back of the black torch.

  • Curiosity

    Any chance anyone knows if Telus will be getting it in any other color than black?
    and when that might be?