Virgin intros new $35 “Unlimited Incoming Plan” (Plus states they’re better than Koodo & Fido)


  • IPhone droid

    I agree that virgin has The best phones but I have never lost signal from fido and I hope that they will get more smartphones in the future

  • Justin Credible

    LOL…I love that second document claiming Virgin’s network is better than Koodo’s. Ummm…here in Vancouver, Telus and Bell share networks in most areas, and Bell is Virgin, Telus is Koodo. Hahahaha!

    They are correct about having hotter devices than FIDO, however. 😉

  • Jim R

    It’s certainly not hard to have better phones than Koodo.

    Sad that this is even an issue – we can thank anti-consumer exclusivity deals for that.

  • Jon

    How can they put an X over Koodo’s network when the use the same identical network due to Bell/Telus network shaing agreement.

    I gets it’s the same reason why Virgin consistently gets the highest network reception ratings, yet Bell gets below average. It’s all marketting

    • Clayton

      It’s not about marketing at all. The X makes sense because over 80% of the phones at koodo run off telus’s CDMA network where as the majority of the phones at virgin run off Bell’s/Telus’s HSPA network.

  • Shaun

    How about customer support?

  • Don

    Virgin’s data plans still suck. At least with Koodo I can get *some* data for $10, Virgin starts at $25.


      No, what you get with koodo is social stuff only for $10. if you want the same thing with Virgin it will cost $15. Yes its $5 more but at least you will get a good HSPA device like BB Bold or Torch instead of a crappy INQ or 8530 wich is CDMA.

    • Jim R

      @WHATSUPBRO I thought the $10 was only social crap as well. However, when I asked, someone else here said it is a genuine data plan. I would agree that it is not clear from the Koodo website what exactly it is.

      Unfortunately, can’t defend Koodo’s much less than stellar phone selection.

  • Taylor

    They can keep claiming how much better they are, but it doesn’t change the fact that beneath the brand, it’s just Bell.

    I feel much more comfortable giving my money to Koodo/Telus, who actually make it seem like they may care the slightest bit about their customers. Bell is happy to screw over customers no matter how long they’ve been with the company.

  • Taylor

    By the way, @Clayton, it’s worth noting that of Koodo’s nine phones, three are HSPA. It’s unfair to say that 80% of their devices are CDMA when it’s not true.

    But I do agree that they could use a few better phones. The Blackberry Pearl will be a good addition, but it would be a better idea to get a 3G BB with a full keyboard.

  • leo

    I like how they say they have the fastest network, considered it is shared with telus who own koodo

    • omar

      They’re able to say larger due to the agreements they have with SaskTel which Telus unfortunately does not benefit from. Fastest, yes it’s the fastest as is Telus/Koodo, however two or more entities both being equals in speed (or anything comparable for that matter) doesn’t require any of them to refrain from saying they reign supreme in whatever it is that they are comparing. So yes they are the largest and the faster. (All Canadian cell phone service providers are pieces of s**t anyways lolol)

    • howi

      @omar: No it’s NOT “SaskTel factor ” but the Bell’s “transitional” roaming agreement with Rogers in Manitoba while TELUS has none after the negotiation with MTS failed to renew theirs. So technically, until the Bell-TELUS’ very own Manitoba 3G+ build-out is completed, Bell/Virgin can claim to have a relatively larger network than TELUS/Koodo.

  • Chris The Amazing

    Just An Update.. This Plan DOES include Voice Mail. It Is Not Listed But It Does Include It.

  • Justin Credible

    I also love how they don’t bother comparing Virgin to Rogers, Telus or Bell itself. As if consumers know and care about who Virgin marketing wants to compete against. The average Joe sees Virgin and Telus as two large national carriers competing with each other, same with Fido versus Bell.

    It is not just “flanker brand against flanker brand”, because most consumers don’t know or care about the (supposed) difference between flanker brands and so-called “main” brands.

  • Keegan

    Uh, no one can beat Fido! I pay $75 a month for unlimited Data and calling! Seriously! If you’re looking for a good plan, go to Fido! It’s a retention plan, but it still kicks a*s! (it’s everywhere in Canada! No zones! YEAHHH!)

    • Justin Credible

      Except Fido is NOT unlimited data. I have the same plan and used 7GB’s last month, which means I had to pay almost a hundred dollars extra.

      The ONLY true unlimited data is with the new carriers, unless you have the very old Fido $50 unlimited data from years ago.

  • Kyle

    There’s nothing really special about this plan except for the inclusion of caller ID/VM for that price. Unlimited incoming traditionally has a value of $10, so take the base $25 plans that everyone else is offering that include unlimited text messaging as an option and add on $10 for incoming calls and you’re at $35.

    I’d be happy to see more of providers start throwing in CID/VM as part of competitive packaging, it’s ridiculous how much is charged for these simplistic services. Pure gravy!

  • jb

    hi i would like to say that fido uses rogers network and rogers and bell are mostly fighting over network and rogers network is one of htose realaible network yes i agree that virgin has better phones but i have city fido unlimited local calls and 6 gb data with free voicemail and caller all for 55 what else do u need they have a trustful netowrk and thye dont charge u 85000 dollors for data like bell does and fido and rogers actually cares if u cancel ur contract they will give u a better plan bell does not give a s**t if yhour leaving or not


    Just to set things right here…

    Customer Service: Yes Bell owns Virgin Mobile, but they have nothing to do with Virgin’s Customer service, their still the same old Virgin Mobile that’s won 5 JD awards for Best customer service. Obviously you get the odd times were you get poor customer care but its way worse at Telus/Bell/Rogers.

    Plans: Nearly all companies have the same plans, and at odd times during the month all companies add spiffs and perks for signing up with them. But when signing up between Fido/Koodo/Virgin,i’ll put my money on virgin mobile, its good to have both options of Tab Balance(lower ended phones) and 3year contract(smartphones). they do have social networking addons but whats the point when they have social networking plans for all phones that start at $40.

    Phones: Its hands down virgin mobile when you put them against Fido and Koodo, dont believe me?…check thier website out.

    • AntiCat

      I’m not so sure about that customer service thing with Virgin/Bell. My daughter tried to go from a plan to prepaid with Virgin and has now been DAYS with NO PHONE SERVICE! And she has spent HOURS and HOURS on the phone with so called “customer service” and has got NOWHERE! This is the worst customer service I have ever seen! I can’t see any of them going without their cell phone for this length of time!!!! Ridiculous!

  • blackberryrocks

    1. 4 hspa device on 10 is 60%
    2. No need of sasktel aggrement, telus hspa now desserve all saskatchewan.
    3. for the same price, koodo offers the caller id and the voicemail too.
    4. 10$ is unlimited social networks or 100mb of data.
    5.Per second billing
    6. If they are so better, why they need a pub like this, you will never see a pub of koodo trying to show they are better than this and this… it talks by itself^^


      Yeah, and have fun with your crappy INQ.

  • Mo Sh

    I’ve tried all Virgin, Fido, and Koodo and I’m with Virgin now.
    Their phones are deffinitly better, their network obviously beats the other two. With Fido and always had dropped calls on a daily basis on their 3G network. Their GSM was good though, but it was gsm. And Koodo doesn’t even count, their cdma network is horrible.
    About plans, Virgin has pretty good plans. They could probably do better, but their customer service is way better than the others and they actually try to help and give you a good plan if you ask them to.

    • blackberryrocks

      Sorry dude but virgin and koodo use the same hspa network, because of the sharing agreement bell and telus use the same sdma and hspa network…so…and for the service, you were prolly unlucky because if you look at the complaint, bell has way more than any other company in canada…
      Anyway, as I said, if a company needs to say they are better, thats bullshit loll
      For the phone koodo has, your right but you still can use any unlocked device on theyr hspa..

    • howi

      @Mo Sh: But have tried the current 3G+ side of Koodo? It is virtually the same network with Virgin – except in Manitoba.

  • Luke

    thank you Justin Credible – EXACTLY!!! It is the same network they share off each other!!! Sounds like virgin is desperate yet again. Tell us lies, tell us sweet little lies.

    If you ask bell for internet service in Vancovuer, they refer you to Telus. Call up if don’t believe me.

  • Luke


    SOSASDO it is NOT the same level of customer service. I used to work at virgin mobile head office and only had call centres in Caanda…now that bell has stepped in 100%, you now have some call centres in PHILLIPINES!!! call prepaid department and ask.

    Fido’s call centres are all in canada

    Koodo is in Guatmala and El Salvador.

    I miss the days fido wasn’t owned by Rogers but I feel they are the best of all “evils”.


      Luke, customers with prepaid phones is a different story, 85% percent of people that use prepaid phones are either kids that just turned into their teens and their parents wont sign them up for a phone, and people with bad credit.The other %15 are people that just buy it for the sake of having a phone, and they know what their doing because they probably bought it right from a Virgin Mobile booth where they all explain everything you need to know. If all the calls from prepaid users and postpaid users were directed to the same department do you know how many stupid calls you’ll be getting from prepaid users? “how and where do i top up?”,”do you sell topup cards at zellers?” “where can i get ringtones and games”, “how do i switch off my phone”. And most of the prepaid users buy thier phones at walmart or gas stations and just throw the manual out.
      That’s why Virgin Mobile made a different department that deals with that separately. So for people with actual plans with actual problems or questions regarding billing, phone upgrades, adding lines etc, its easy to reach customer service.
      Virgin Mobile CS departments are located in Quebec (montreal) and Ontario (Toronto). I’m not sure about the prepaid departments, but thiers nothing wrong with people from the philipines dealing with prepaid questions. Thier clearly smarter than some of the prepaid users.
      “hi I’m calling to ask how i can upgrade my prepaid phone”

  • Luke

    Sorry one last thing, Fido doesn’t charge you to call customer service. NOT SO WITH VIRGIN MOBILE OR KOODO!!!
    “Heads-up, there’s a $1 charge to have one of our Care Specialists top up for you. You can top up for free online or by hitting #111 on your Virgin Mobile phone.”

    However, if you decide to call Customer Service, fees on select services will apply:
    Customer Service (1-866-99-Koodo)
    Account Set-Up Charge $35
    Mobile Phone Exchange $25
    Mobile Phone Number Charge $25
    Rate Plan Change $10
    Name Change $25
    Add/Remove/Change Add-on $10

    Lots of hidden fees, buy a phone, just don’t ask them for help 😉

  • fmradio68

    Got to agree with Luke. My wife got the Fido city Plan right away when it first came out but it was costing $63 with the system access fee and value pack. I called Fido and now she gets the same thing for $45 plus text.

    I find that Fido has good customer service compared to Telus wgich I have now and can’t to get out of.

    But even being owned by Rogers the CS is not bad.

    I had Clearnet which had great CS. When it was bought by Telus the CS became s**t.

  • Abdel

    After all, I prefer unlimited plans offered by Chatr or Solo. Unlimited incoming, outgoing with call display and unlimited long distance to your province for $35.

  • dove

    Virgin Customer Service was, at one time, amazing, until Bell took over and it takes over 30 mins to speak with someone. Their recent system migration was a horrible process…just google it, many customers ended up with completely different plans than what they previously had. I have been with Virgin for over three years and they have definitely taken a nose-dive in customer service since the Bell take-over.