TELUS BlackBerry Style dummy devices arrive, launch imminent


  • Chris Jones

    Now that looks like a funny looking phone

    • Mare Juli D

      I think it looks smart and stylish …

  • marianna

    meeeh, i think i’ll stick with the torch for now

  • Keegan

    This phone is ABSOLUTELY hideous!

    • Mare Juli D

      You like butt-dialing eh …

  • Krathgaber

    This phone looks wonderful, the fact that its a flip smartphone with a qwerty keyboard makes it wonderful. The only disadvantage is that its CDMA and not HSPA

  • sookster54

    CDMA amirite?

  • Craig

    I played around with this phone at a Bell store about two weeks ago. Its a bit larger than I had expected. It also looks much better in person than it does in the pictures. The keyboard and screen are about the same size as my 9700, and the keyboard is more 9700-ish than the stubbier 9800.

    If you’re looking for a flip BlackBerry, the style would be a good choice.

  • Miknitro

    CDMA, wow I am surprised.

  • Terry

    I really don’t see why people think it’s ugly. It’s BB usual style but a flip phone.

    I guess some people don’t like BB style in general, but is it ugly just because you think you’re cool saying that or is there something about the style you don’t actually like? Cause I see nothing wrong with it, aside from it being a Blackberry.

  • ttt_bone

    I was looking forward to this device. I like the flip format and the full keyboard. I miss the reliability of the Blackberry OS. I’m about done with the whole “touch” craze. Gimme a phone that works and has a decent browser. But CDMA? Damn.

  • Nick

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this phone will be more successful than people on this site think. I think it will appeal to 2 groups of people that have very little in common: girly girls, who will love the round shape and roomy layout, and guys who love flip phones for all their advantages (i.e. you can’t scratch the screen in your pocket, they’re a little more sturdy, you can’t pocket dial people, etc.). It’s certainly not a phone to give gadget-lovers a hard-on, which is why it gets slagged on this site, but I think it’ll do reasonably well, and doubly so simply because it’s the only phone of its kind.

    • Anthony

      Wow, a logical person on the internet. Never thought that would happen, thank you.

  • Dan

    Is it 3G? CDMA is not 3G right???

  • chall2k5

    its CDMA EVDO….which is 3G, (albeit not 3G+)

    this phone was to market to verizon in the states

  • Matt


    • Mare Juli D

      And a! flip phone feels more like a real phone when you hold it up to your ear … and all the amazing features of a Blackberry … i think this just might be the phone of my dreams


    WOW. This phone is for noobs. Ugly and CDMA…. I’m sure Telus will release it in Pink though, so women who don’t know a s**t about cell phones will buy it anyway. And then they’ll give it to Koodo. Crappy phone on a crappy CDMA network. FAIL!

  • Maes33

    Five years to late. I can’t see this doing well at all.

    • Mare Juli D

      Better late than never, I always say ..

  • Thomas


    This phone obviously wasn’t designed to appeal to you. Let it go. There are other people that will be perfectly happy with this phone.

  • Travis b.

    This was in my local newspaper last week thanks to the local Telus retailer ad on the front page. It says that 3 year contract price is $79.99 and no contract price is $399.99.

  • Regulator

    Honestly I thought it was FUGLY as hell until I saw it in person. It definitely isn’t for me but I can see it working for some people.

  • Guest

    Perfect for those that still have the unlimited data plans or for clients in MB that doesnt have HSPA

    I will use this with Tetherberry on my unlimited data at 15$ and Manitoba 45 unlimited and free Package 15 at 5$ from webstore deal = for a total of 65$ for truly unlimimted =)

    Unlimited tethering baby!!!

  • Mare Juli D

    I cant wait to get the Style!! As a person who loves Blackberries and Flip Phones, this combines my two dreams into reality … finally … the phone Ive bin waiting for has arrived, and i think i will want to stay with this style longterm, because it would seem to me to be the Best.