Tbaytel goes live with their HSPA network, offers over 25 new devices


  • TomatoGuy

    So TBayTel basically got all of their devices from Rogers? How long would it take for Rogers to buy TBayTel altogether?

  • Matt in WPG

    And they couldnt work any faster with MTS to get their network up and running with some new devices… GAWD Manitoba SUCKS…

    • Everyone Else in Manitoba Other Than Matt

      We agree.

  • ryan

    Rogers just didn’t want to come up north anymore so sold off their equipment to tbaytel as a ‘merger’.

    I’m still waiting for HSPA tho’… nothing on my phone yet.

  • Tyler

    My Nexus One just started picking up HSPA in Thunder Bay!! Sweet 3G!! (Finally)

  • Luka

    Am I the only one that has never heard of Tbaytel?

  • RoyalWitCheese

    Just Speed Tested the H 3.3M Down 1.1 Up

    TbayTel finally did something right.

  • Cody

    I just got back from my parents farm in South Western Manitoba – no service whatsoever from Rogers. Done holding my breath for 3G in Manitoba with MTS/Rogers. This sucks (good news for Northern Ontario though)

  • g*y

    3g doesn’t even work on my BB 9700. =I can’t use my data. I went there and they said “We have no ETA when it will be fixed”. F**k you tbaytel

    • Cellphone Guru

      I’m sure they really wanted to jump through hopes to help you given your attitude.

      If you only knew what it takes to migrate customers from network to another, you would keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

  • ben

    does anyone know if the hspa network works in the pass lake – nipigon area east of thunder bay?