TBayTel’s HSPA network going live November 15th, monthly plans revealed.


  • Darryl Parker

    Manitoba’s humiliation is complete…

  • Cody

    It makes MTS look incompetent

  • 0918

    It’s about freaking time!

  • aviking

    Looks like Manitoba really is the crotch of Canada. The ENTIRE bloody country has HSPA except us. I could probably go to Nunavut and get HSPA before we get it here.

  • Larry

    The reason is simple one name Rogers.Rogers was chosen to bring HSPA to these areas,Rogers is still working to finish there network even though they started before Bell and Telus and Sasktel.First to start but dead last to finish.Reason is quit simple do it on the cheap.

  • Steve

    Same network and plans as Rogers. They are basically an MVNO of Rogers – So don’t expect miracles.