“Hall of Fame” apps now featured in the Apple App Store


  • Mark

    I doubt SkyFire will make it there. Yeah, it’s had high demand in the last few days, but I doubt you’re going to see the staying power and overall sheer sales numbers of apps like Flight Control and Angry Birds.

    Although, who knows – there’s a few apps in there that I’ve never heard of, so I guess anything is possible. It sure seems like an exclusive “club” though compared to the overall number of AppStore apps.

  • Jordan

    Angry Birds: keeps you from beating your spouse.

  • Terry

    Skyfire isn’t even on the appstore anymore, the company pulled it when their servers pretty much blew up.

    And awesome, more ways to show the games everyone already knows about but not the good stuff no one knows about.

  • Len

    Skyfire wont get there. It goes against apples stance against flash.