UPDATE: TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9780 price plans revealed


  • zorxd

    Blackberries are still too expansive compared to android phones if you look at the hardware.

  • Adi

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA 500$ for 2007 era hardware !!! LMAO


    • RealDeal

      In 2007, number of smart phones with:
      512MB ram = 0
      1Ghz processor underclocked to 624Mhz = 0
      Processors running at 624Mhz = 0
      5 Megapixel Camera = 0
      2.4″ HVGA display = 0

      This is not 2007 hardware, other than the screen this is pretty much the same hardware specs as the Droid 2 ($559) and iPhone4 ($599).

  • Johnson

    Very good. Nice price.

  • chall2k5

    this means Wind will be $400 NICE 🙂

  • PhoneFreak

    I highly doubt Wind or Mobilicity will be getting this device soon. If anything there both probably targeting the 9800 because of the form factor and it being a flagship device for RIM and possibly them. And who ever wants to be in denial can remain in it but the fact is the lowering of device prices, voice, text and data plans are a direct result of Wind, Mobilicity, Public and Videotron. Everyone counts Public out but remember all the new entrants have something going for them which is the rate of improvement which many people are starting to appreciate and put up with whatever flaws they may have if not severe.

  • David Dee

    Wow! Unless one is tethered to an enterprise, at that price the Desire Z would be a no brainer! This is an old device with some more ram and a better camera. Shocking…

  • KingKuba

    Yup, same specs as droid 2 and Iphone4 AHAHAHAHA

    Same Cpu since the stone age.

    Are you seriously comparing this junk 624mhz to the 1ghz omap?

    2.4″ crappy screen with crappy colours is the same as 3.7″ with more resolution and more colours?

    RIM is stuck in 2007

  • Regulator

    I love me some Blackberry’s but honestly after getting my iPhone 4 and comparing it to the Bold I have I mean, its really lacking hardware wise.

    I have however gotten over the APP obsession. There are so many that are quite useless.

    I do still prefer the BBM, a real keyboard and the email usage on the BB.

  • Treatz

    this phone will sell
    specs aside it will sell.

    the blackberry experience is what many want
    Email, decent apps and excellent battery life are perfect for many

  • black

    I still like my Bold.

    Yes it has a 624 mhz processor but because blackberry has better memory handling it works just as quick or faster than a Iphone4 with a 1 ghz processor.

    I like my keyboard and the fact I can use my phone for three days without having to charge it up. My buddies Iphone is down to 15% at the end of his workday and has to put it on the charger before going out at night. Turning off Bluetooth helps marginally.

  • Napy

    will u still be able to get internet and all available aps with a blackberry with no contract/ no term?

  • Domo

    exactly, a blackberry without internet is…. kind of nothing….then, i would prefer an iphone 4 because at least i can play with it much more, + an iphone’s battery run out faster than a bb because it has all this touch screen thing so technically it will take much more energy, anyways, i dont know much about cellphones and my face reading most of the comments with technical specifications were like O_O but using my sense of logic i would prefer an iphone 4 without internet rather than an bb without it.