Fido Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro now available, $275 no contract


  • Luke

    is fido coming out with new plans or what?? I’m guessing no but then they should update their terms and conditions and i quote from today November 2nd:

    “Subject to the Fido Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy, available at Plans available until November 1, 2010. Offers and pricing subject to change without notice.”

    • Justin Credible

      Every carrier says that.

  • Crazy

    Just bought 3 of these from Rogers for $49.99 on 3 year contract. Very nice phone for basic warehouse staff etc, Smartphone capabilities without the need to get a data contract on the phone and qualify for HUP.

    • aj

      wtf do u need 3 for ???? :/

  • Zeake


  • Zeake

    No android! Crap!!!

  • Jim R

    Wonder if Fido dollars can be used to buy it outright?

  • IPhone droid

    Fido does not see it as a smartphone as it is in there regular phone section not there smartphone section

  • socotash.

    @Jim R you can use your fido dollars to buy it. i just logged in to check (i only have like 17 fido dollars lol), clicked my dollars and selected the “use fido dollars to buy phone option” and this was in there at the bottom with a shiny “new” sticker on it.

  • Steven

    275 for a full blown smartphone with Wifi and 720P video? Outstanding price, not only that just add 10 bucks and you have unlimited browsing

  • Luke

    Justin….terms and condtions on their website have expries, according to terms and condtions, technically none of the plans are valid offer

    “Plans available until November 1, 2010.”

    Just thought people should know.