Confirmed: Upcoming Virgin Mobile Q4 devices, prices and launch dates


  • TomatoGuy

    Nothing exciting here. This will be boring and under performing holiday season for Virgin Mobile.

  • Jim R

    Too bad the Galaxy 5’s screen size is only 2.8 inches. I’d imagine that makes it a non-starter for any number of people.

  • Charles

    Where’s the Galaxy S Vibrant that was supposed to be available at the end of October? Is it still coming? And if not, why the *&#* not?

  • Whyyyyyyy

    Why oh why don’t they get the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant?

    • Cadet

      it’s just because the parent company need to have that to compete with the big shots… or the other bullies

      while virgin is on the same level ground as solo and fido…
      yet virgin’s choice of phones are already way better compared to solo or fido D=

  • Mike

    Gotta love the fact that Virgin tossed up a pic of the Bold 9650 (the Tour 2 if you will from Verizon) on their chart.
    Knowledge fail

    • James

      The bb in the picture is the 9650 but that might be because picture are scarce at the moment. The 9780 doesn’t even have a proper photo on gsmarena. The thing should look exactly like the 9700 but with os 6.0 installed

  • Luka

    Will they at least offer a refurbished BB Bold 9700?