TELUS to release the BlackBerry Bold 9780 October 21st


  • Joe T

    Ouch… My Bold 9700 is only three weeks old 🙁

    • princess101

      dw my friend dropped my 9700 from the top of a penthouse…

  • Zeake

    I’m so tired of blackberry and their crappy specs. I’m selling my bold 9700 btw. Search on craigs list. 🙂

    Android all the way baby!

    • ELNY

      Completely agree….What is RIM thinking? I used to be a huge fan of them and once i saw that their “best” phone not only runs their newest OS with sluggishness but is also specced as a 2008 phone, I immediately sold my Storm 2, while it still had some value, and got the HTC Desire. Best $$ I have ever spent on a phone!

  • Carmine

    Oh yeah… Blackberry. What are they saying these days? 🙂

  • Bubzilla

    Mine is only a month old lol, oh well it still works!

  • michael tawroginski-from SLOUGH/UK

    GREAT NEWS,BLACKBERRY IS THE BEST I cant waitt when willbe on vodafone…..

  • Trevor

    Thank god I did my research. I was about to go out and buy the 9700. Thanks mobilesyrup!!!

  • bobsuruncle

    (resolution of 480×360) about half of the ip4

    • Elliot

      Yes, but the Bold 3 has a 2.44 inch screen, while the iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen. I would say that makes the iPhone slightly better but I think it is a fantastic resolution for a screen size of 2.44 inches.

  • Jake

    A 9700 with twice the memory and OS6, sweet!

  • John

    I just got 9700 wow RIM f**k RIM

  • udin pratama


  • Alfan

    Hi lucille,We use our relagur shipment carrier which is Air 21. It only takes 3 business days,However, should you want a 24 hour shipment though LBC, the charges would have to be through your account, but just to let you know, there has not been any problems through Air 21 with the units which we have already shipped to Mindanao and Visayas area.Let me know how you prefer the delivery to be as per payment. you may deposit through our Ps Bank or HSBC account.Thank you and hope to do business with you soon!Kind regards,