Rogers sends out e-mail saying we can almost pre-order the Galaxy S Captivate


  • TM

    This continues to be pathetic, the email links to a site for updates, but there is nothing new there yet. Seems a September release isn’t likely anymore.

  • Dude345

    I received this email this morning as well; but nothing has changed on their website so what new information has been updated? What is the point of an email to say more info is coming when we are already knew this…

    Very Frustrating for customers waiting on this phone.

  • Remain Quiet

    I must be blind, I swear I just got my eyes checked last month. There is no updates!!!!!! What is wrong with the advertisment deparment at ROGERS????

  • Charlotte

    Your first informants appear not to have tried the link to the “additional information” – there is nothing new there, still just the form to sign up for updates! Also, the Redboard comments appear to have been closed for this topic.

  • Jean

    Rogers is driving me crazy!

  • Alex

    False advertisement at its best, we should file a class action lawasuit. Better yet, if release is by early October, EVERYONE should go buy the torch, and we bring it back within the 14 day trial period, would be funny for rogers to have thousands of returns.

  • TM

    The page is now up.

  • Bazzinga (Josephine)

    The website link is updated now but no date as to when it’s coming out or how much it’s going to be.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it though.

  • Gameboi

    So many people complained about how Rogers handling this situation that they got rid of the comment section in Redboard Captivate.
    This is such a joke.

  • Gameboi

    i meant they disable the feature to write new comments

  • Fabio Scheer Luis

    Rogers is being pathetic. All of my comments regarding the Captivate on the Rogers Redboard were not “approved”, ergo not posted. This is ridiculous. Unfortunately I’m still under contract with Rogers for another 2 years (3 years is too much for contracts by the way), so I’m still their slave for some time, but the lack of respect with their customers is amazing.

  • Rudiox

    I didn’t received this email yet!! Weird i registered first day! Hope it will be out by the end of September!

  • Rene

    I seriously hope Rogers gives Fido this phone. Seriously guys, why don’t you take care of the left hand?

  • Andrew Lee

    Rogers should update the webpage before sending out the email (regarding the update). Oh well, we got more waiting to do.

  • TM

    Rogers now says on the RedBoard “preorders available in the coming days”. I won’t get my hopes up too much.

  • Dave

    Website is now updated with a wee bit more info, specs, etc. but not a lot more info than we already had … wifi tethering going to work (without rooting/unlocking)? Rogers Video On-Demand feature is something I hadn’t expected.

  • maizein

    I wonder how much it’ll cost… the ad to the right says you can get the Galaxy S on Bell for free… I bet Rogers will charge $149. After a few weeks, it’ll drop to $99 or even $79.

  • Artur

    Bell has the Galaxy S since last month, consider this – with the new law that limits the contract cancellation fees, it’s actually a whole let less expensive to cancel you contract and switch to a provider that gives a s**t about its customers

  • rlecocq

    can any one who has pre-ordered a phone let explain how it works, I would be a new customer.
    ie: is is shipped to my house? Do I pick a plan when ordering the phone?


    • kman

      It works (for Rogers) by having you feel obliged to wait for the phone you’ve “pre-ordered” to be released by them at some future time of their choosing rather than you going out and getting the Vibrant from Bell (which has been available for over a month now).

      This also could indicate that they are expecting their available supply to be substantially lower than demand, but its more likely just a stalling tactic similar to their “coming soon” campaign that started Aug 4.

  • Rob

    So it comes down to the captivate or the IPhone 4. Which one will I actually be able to get my hands on first and when?

    I will be a reluctant new comer to Rogers after watching their smartphone release circus over the past six weeks. I would go to Bell (I have no contract)but can’t because the plan that I’m going to get through our corporate dealer is too good and it’s through Rogers. No other wireless provider seems to be able to match it nor can any other Rogers dealer. Can’t say that I’m in a hurry but sure hope I get one of those two phones before the 6GB deal expires.

  • Justin

    its cool that they at least tell us it has swype, thats decent

    • noctx

      er…All the captivates regardless of place or location have swype. lol unless you were being sarcastic. 😛

  • june

    they can’t even tell us the date to start pre-ordering. who the heck is running this company??? they won’t even let ppl comment about it on Redboard anymore. this is lame sh-ts.

    • Ryan Waddell

      You can’t reply to ANY Redboard postings after a month – they automatically shut down. I really hope this isn’t just another stall tactic, and that the pre-order will actually be like a day or 2 before the retail release. Because holy hell, lamest release EVER.

      Oh, and to Justin, above: we already knew it was going to have Swype, ALL the Galaxy S phones have Swype.

  • MJ

    what a useless update… rogers continues to prove their complete lack of appreciation for their customers.

  • zoopKid

    After waiting and waiting, i gave in and ended up getting an iPhone. I really wanted to get an android phone, but i resigned a new contract and the offer to get a new phone was expiring sooner than Rogers could even make this announcement.

    I guess I could always go the route of selling this phone and getting the Captivate at full price…ugh.