Rogers says you can now “register to receive updates” for upcoming Galaxy S Captivate


  • Timothy Friesen

    How does this differ from Bell’s Galaxy S Vibrant?

    • Mattymo

      Its almost the same hardware. The only difference is the Vibrant has a LED flash and front facing camera. Also, the design of the vibrant is more Iphone 3g looking while the captivate is more rectangular.

    • MGuy

      Bells Galaxy S Vibrant does NOT have an LED flash~!

    • Galberoth

      People think it has front flash because the Bell website used to write that it did indeed have it. Then they corrected it under the specifications page.

      I personally prefer the Bell solely because of the front facing camera. If you have long distance family/relatives/friends or simply like to see the person you are talking to, it is really handy. You can view them using video/voice chat software or use that bell facebook app.

  • cody

    The Galaxy S Vibrant DOES have a forward facing camera, I don’t know why everyone is saying it doesn’t..

  • cody

    oops, way to read it completely wrong haha

  • Mattymo

    lol, the t-mobile vibrant doesn’t have a front facing camera but the European one does which is the one bell got.

  • Rudiox

    Will buy it first day for sure!!! Can’t wait anymore!

  • Justin

    hurry up rogers my god if it didnt cost me an arm and a leg i would get outta my contract with rogers and go to bell and get the vibrant right now, instead of waiting for the “coming weeks” thats rogers says

  • Marcus Hamaker

    Still waiting for my iPhone 4 email from Rogers to tell me it’s going to be released a month ago.

    • Ryan Waddell

      Yup, and my understanding is that people who signed up for the iPad email are still waiting to find out when it’s going to be released.

  • Nico

    I really can’t wait to get this phone. Just wish it had a flash and front facing camera. I will miss the trackball on my Magic though.

  • MyLiveSpot

    Dear Rogers, please include actual information in your next update. Otherwise it’s not an update, it’s just spam. XOXO Me

    SS: So when IS the Galaxy coming to Rogers?!

  • Ryan Waddell

    Latest rumours on the Redboard site are that it’s next Friday. But up until today, all the rumours were that it was coming out tomorrow. Seems to be no sign of that now.

    • Justin

      i heard the 20th as well, so much for that, i hear people saying that employees at the rogers stores havent even had training on the phone yet, so im guessing the release date is still weeks if not at least a month away, the only updates rogers keeps giving is ” updates to come” wtf update with real info

  • Kyle

    They can’t do this for all upcoming phones? Where are the Torch notifications?

  • Bandage

    Hey guys,

    Is the report of GPS issues with this phone a concern for anyone? I am aware that Samsung is working on the problem. I’m hoping to pick up a Captivate, but if the GPS is buggy I’ll return it and go to the dark side and purchase an iphone.

    Second – anyone know how how well the Android system works with Microsoft Office documents?


    • arr0ww

      The GPS issues with the Galaxy S line are going to be fixed with the Froyo update. Check out the Epic 4g review from Engadget. The GPS works awesome on the Epic and will be out soon for the Captivate/Vibrant

    • Ryan Waddell

      My understanding is that you can fix the GPS issues somewhat via some digging in the phone’s menus… I believe Engadget had a link to it at one point.

  • rzz

    I’m not tied to any carrier right now but I’m still more drawn to this phone than Bell’s version simply because the Vibrant looks and feels like a cheap iPhone 3 knock-off which was a huge mistake on Samsung’s part I think, but I guess there is a market for that, and people who don’t care too much what their handset looks/feels like. Call me shallow but that metal plate across the back, the squared off edges of the Captivate and the fact that it reportedly feels “solid” which the Vibrant definitely does not, all counts for a lot with me. It’s just a shame the FFC is only on the Vibrant, but I feel like that’s more of a gimmick than anything, they have had them in Europe and Asia for years and nobody uses them.

    • Max

      I have a Galaxy S Vibrant from Bell.. and originally i thought the same thing before i got it; But to tell you the truth, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. Yep, it’s nice and light, and thin to boot.. but the plastic casing feels solid and well-made. I love it and don’t think it’s a negative at all.

  • MJ

    I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for rogers to actually email me about this, however it’s good to see that we’re slowly inching closer to the captivate launch.

  • Kdawg

    Ya come to think of it I never got an email update for the iPhone 4 either. Retarded. Ya been following redboard closely as well. Like some say it’s all probably business and marketing tactics but gimme a break. Release the phone for gods sake. So annoying. I have to upgrade right away cause apples ios4 has made my iPhone 3G so slow I mise well go back to a t9 phone and give up on the rest. Tired of the apple craze but I may have to get an iPhone antennagate if they don’t hurry up with the captivate which I really want

    • Ryan Waddell

      Well, the funny thing is – they tried to justify it on the Redboard site by saying “Well, with the X10 we actually sent out information”. Awesome, way to go Rogers. One for three. .333 is a good average in baseball, not so much in marketing.

  • CrazyPhonePerson

    OMG TWITTER PEI0OE ROGERS SITE IS DOWN, UNLESS ITS MY COMP MAYBEW MAYBE MAYBE THE CAPTIFTAE IS CMMING ON THE SITE? AMUYBE IN DERIOUS” Is what I posted originally on Twitter(Please dont crucify me if I am wrong) but the Rogers Site appears to be down, as of 118 am Canada Central Time. Now it could be my computer(Shaw internet) or it could be a crappy update to their site, OR OR I COULD BE HAVING A STROKE AND THE CAPTIVATE MAY BE ADDED ON THIS SITE AS PER RUMORED AUGUST 20TH,..I’ll keep refreshing.

    If it’s not, that’s okay(not really, but) IF IT IS, COUNT ME AS ORDERED.

    Lmao, again Please do not crucify or laugh if I am wrong, the odds are just interesting .. :\ Don’t play with my heart Rogers..

    • rzz

      No, at least their site seems up for me here in Vancouver. I have noticed it has indeed been flaky the last few weeks though as I’ve been somewhat obsessively checking it in hopes they’ll spring a surprise launch on us.. but the fact they even bothered to make this page saying “coming soon” and their “RedBoard” blog thing still says they will give us more details “in the coming weeks” tells me it’s sadly not coming today. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was September 1st at the earliest. Very annoying how retention reps have apparently been saying the 20th though, really got a lot of peoples’ hopes up..

  • Yawer

    I have been waiting for a decent Android on rogers for ages!!!!

    A phone that is on Par with the Android phone(s) with our buddies down south. Finally the phone are coming but they took their sweet a*s time.

    Rogers needs to get their act together and pump out these androids.

    The iPhone revolution is over.

    The Android revolution has just begun !!

  • K

    I’m really pissed at Rogers shady marketing.

    Aug 4… A couple days before Bell releases the Captivate, Rogers goes on the Redboard and says its “a few weeks away! Stay tuned!”

    Aug 4… Bell announces the Vibrant will come out Aug 6.

    Aug 6… Bell ACTUALLY STARTS SELLING Vibrants and has them in their stores.

    Aug 19… Rogers updates their RedBoard post and says its “a few weeks away! Stay tuned!”

    Aug 20… 270+ messages on Redboard from users that want to upgrade their phones and want to know when the friggin thing’s actually coming. Silence from Rogers.

    For all we know Rogers won’t have the phone till Dec. They’re just string people along trying to keep them from jumping ship to Bell.

    I’d switch today if they didn’t say I’d have to pay a $275 penalty to leave my contract early (you know the 3 year commitment I agreed to 2+ years ago that saved me $250 on a bold 9000 but locked me in for 3 years)… but thats a whole other beef.