Bell HTC Legend reaches “End of Life” due to HTC “supply constraints”


  • Lance

    Hmm did my HTC legend just appreciate in value? Eh, I don’t care as long as they update it to Froyo like they promised.

    I would love to see a HTC Legend HD, an updated version with the same build quality.

  • Adi

    LMAO, supply constrains my a**. The real reason is that nobody bought this phone with it’s underpowered ARM11 CPU. In a day when Bell sells the Vibrant with its Cortex-A8 running at 1Ghz, who wants to bother with a blackberry torch equivalent CPU ?!

    Good riddance !


  • malingerer

    people bought the phone, it was/is on constant backorder. Samsung supplied screens, couldn’t supply enough. Bell had to make a choice. Given sales rates @ virgin are lower than Bell, it was decided that Virgin would continue to sell it (as HTC could meet Virgin demand, but not Bell overall).

  • Dan

    Well I’m completely disappointed to hear this because it means the os will never be updated and important fixes will never be issued.

    • android jack

      Well since we have to go thru Bell’s approval for having it upgraded, of course it’ll never get done. I guess we have now no more choice than rooting the unit and do the job ourself !

  • Brian

    Afraid of the superior Desire?

  • Andrew

    Bell was probably just told by HTC that the Legend will not be getting teh 2.2 update afterall due to hardware issues so the whole thing is being quietly pushed aside.

  • Hani

    Its because Samsung makes the AMOLED screen for HTC Legend.

  • RJAY

    Maybe bell just reliezed android phones are pieces of sh*t and decided to no loger sell crap

  • Abe

    RJAY must be an apple fanboy…just stay on your knees and keep doing what you do best…

  • Kiz

    yeah Rjay Android is such a piece of crap that it has been adapted by companies like Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, Dell, Asus, Acer on phones, tablets and other devices. And Bell just picked up Samsung Galaxy S and the fact that it has surpassed the iphone in sales in the US…such a sh*t indeed.

    • RJAY

      check your facts you i***t, the only reason it beat iphone sales is becasue there is 30+ devices running it and there is only 3 mondels running i0s, its didnt beat it by astounding numbers therefor it took over 30 phones running the same os to beat out 3 phones running the same os, Iphone is still the most popular single phone on the market.

  • Adi

    What’s the matter guys ? Feeling like you made a bad investment by buying the 2007 era hardware HTC Legend ?

    Hey look, RIM just released the Torch with the SAME pos CPU from 2007 ! I think it’s a good investment too ! Go buy a dozen or so and you can sell them on the black market in a few weeks and make a HUGE profit ! AHAHAHAHHAHA

    Truth hurts, eh ? That’s it, bury me again.. 😀


  • Kiz

    lol reverting to name calling now? You seem to be a very touchy person ey? I have read the data – they were comparing it in terms of OS not by phone manufacturers. So yes – Android still is the most popular “operating system” because it affirms the fact that phone manufacturers still want to carry the OS…if Android was a POS as you said why would phone makers continue to use it and why would people want to buy those phones instead of a Blackberry or an Iphone? As for “[it] didnt beat it by astounding numbers” …well think of it this way the Iphone started in 2007 the first android OS was around 2009…that means it only took about a year or two for Android to take over the Iphone which has been present for 4 or so years. Which is quite amazing considering it is a late starter. So by the end of the day…where’s your argument that the Android is such a POS? All you have done is name call and provide little facts.

    I would agree that from a phone manufacturer stand point the Iphone is still the most popular. But in terms of OS the Android is…don’t hate just because your favorite tech isn’t #1 in everything.

    • RJAY

      Android wan unveiled in 2007,and was on the htc dream in 2008 with the first major update in 2009 to 1.5. So its been around the same amount of time. and while android has potential with all the different versions of it nothing ever works the same on 2 phones. Until everything is unified, it will just be a waste of time

  • officebob

    Android is single best operating system ever created. Koodos to Google. Plus I own a cell repair company. Apples internals are crap. But they sure keep me in business. I recomend HTC and Android cause they are beautiful together but please buy an iPhone so I can repair it and make money off yah. Hero legend and desire are best built phones I’ve ever seen

  • fox23

    i used an iphone for 2 years, it was satisfactory for the first year, then performance went down the tubes and it ran like a brick. ive had the legend for 2 months and because it is so customizable and programs can be terminated along with clearing cookies and caches, it runs like new every day. in my opinion, android took the good things from apple OS and made them better, and then added tons of other great stuff along with unlimited accesability to almost anything you can think of.