Winner in our “Win an Apple iPhone 4” contest…


  • David

    Very pretty. I’m already following you so hopefully that means I’m in. 🙂

    • Mylivespot

      I’ve been following you guys on Twitter for a little while (mylivespot) and a huge fan of the site. It’s great to have such a high quality site dedicated to the Canadian market. Even if I don’t win I’m glad I discovered MobileSyrup.

  • Harvey

    If I am already following you, how do I enter?

  • Sébastien Brassard

    hooooo damn, that is an AWESOME contest !! I think its my time to win 😉

  • Rowan Yee

    iPhone 4 Please!

  • wiley

    I’d raffle off this phone at work to raise money for a needy family or to send a few kids to our summer camp.

    CAMP MAPLE LEAF (Ontario)

    I have a smartphone currently so technically not in the market.



  • fadi

    sweet! been following you guys for a while now! fingers crossed

  • Jordan Harris

    Here’s hoping!

  • Carter McLaughlin

    Joined… bring it on!

  • Yahnael Philippe

    Iam following on twitter so i am sending my regard from montreal and good luck to everybody , but i still hope to win … my very first smartphone a iphone Nice

  • Kevin Costain

    I am most certainly following you on Twitter – it’s actually how I found out about the contest. Good luck to me!

  • Gussy

    Yup, already follow on twitter. Here’s to hoping. 🙂

  • Karam

    I’m sure they’ll be sold out by the time this contest is over so I’d definitely like to enter this contest so I don’t have to wait for Apple’s next shipment.

    I’m in, please!

    Karam Fahad


    wow. what a contest. Im hoping that I can win this and ditch my 3G iphone.

  • Mike


  • Baneet

    Been a part of your forumand been following you on twitter for quite some time nowhope i win

  • Dennis J

    Already followed! Fingers crossed.

  • Peter Hamilton

    Awesome contest buddy. I hope to win. 🙂
    @duffer9 following you.

  • Bruno Pettersen Coulombe

    I’m already following you on twitter (ServiceBPC)

  • shaun

    Wow, excellent contest, already on twitter and forums so adding my comment as well….lol

  • Neil M


  • Bryan Saguiafin

    This would be the sweetest birthday gift for me!

  • olga

    Very nice phone. Seen it live.

  • Dmitri Kondratev

    already here!

  • leonard chee

    me please thanks

  • Serge Jr Turgeon

    What a great contest … Hope I’ll win it !

  • Anitabot

    following you as @anitabot and anitabot on the forums – this would be amazing as my iPod recently died and my phone is on the fritz!

  • obscured

    I’m now a forum member. Pick me….please

  • Malek


  • miker_74

    Done and done, already following on Twitter…now a member of the forum. Sure would be nice to stick it to the man (Rogers) on HUP policies haha. Cheers!

  • Shirley Nguyen

    Thank you MobileSyrup!

  • M. Mysterio

    how surprising an iPhone 4 contest on the day it’s released here.. count me in. would never buy one on my own but win one, sure!

  • dutchcanuck

    Just joined, but I’ve been lurking for a little while. I would totally love to get me some iphone 4 action. Fingers crossed.

  • JLav

    I just started following you guys/gals on twitter for upcoming BB news, but I’ll gladly take an iPhone.

  • John

    What a great contest!

  • David M

    Me please 🙂

  • Chris Vaculad


  • Yan

    Was waiting for the Galaxy S but I can’t say NO to a free Iphone 4!!! Great contest guys!

  • Kelly Nguyen

    Im crossing my fingers for this one. Thanks Mobile Syrup (:

  • Marco

    Prep me up! 🙂

  • Jason B

    Nice. Wouldnt mind tryint it out.

  • Shawn Harvey

    This looks cool!

  • Brian

    IPHONE 4! I am so entering this contest!

  • Mike Gardiner

    Been a forum member for a while… But I have to think that using a list of all active and lapsed members at once is not a great way to run a contest.

  • Khoa Tran

    Sweet! For sure, you guys know how marketing is working… 😉

  • Randy -1

    Wow, yet another awesome contest from MobileSyruo!

    Count me in!

  • Matt Darkis

    Sounds good to me. 🙂

  • Shirley N

    Why wait in line for the iPhone 4 when Mobile Syrup has a giveaway contest!

  • Sean

    Looking forward to winning this sucker!

  • Stuart


  • Alexander Ambulance

    I would love to have a new phone!!!

  • Claudiu Jernea

    I am a member of your forum with the name “Freka” and I follow you on Twitter @Claudiujer 🙂

  • Raymond Szeto

    this is the best contest

  • Brian

    Yes please! This time I just know I will win!

  • Brian

    I sure hope to win this

  • Bryan Dery

    Hope i win! Good luck to everybody!

  • Amar C

    I really hope i win lol im still using my iphone 2G its time for an UPGRADE!!!

  • Raminder Jhand


  • Mattymo

    In for the iphone 4!!

  • Justin Bradley

    I would love to win one!

  • Daniel L

    Oh dang, just joined. That beauty (Fingers crossed)

  • Sam

    I would love to WIN this one!!!!!!!


  • Phil P

    good idea

  • Damien

    I’ll take one

  • Andrew M.

    Here’s to me kid!

  • Ej

    do want

  • Oscar Ayala

    Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Tim G.

    OMG, this is awesome.

    Thanks mobilesyrup! 🙂

  • Mike R.

    Already a forum member, so hopefully I’m in.

  • Mardos

    I have registered last week lets hope i win!!! lol

  • Derek

    Syrup! Syrup! Syrup!

  • Gregory Jean

    I’m an Iphone hater… but if I win this one…

  • jonathan w

    Good luck everyone 🙂 beautiful phone

  • William Reeves

    Hook me up!!!!

  • Rob Brown

    Already follow on twitter but will throw name in here.
    Unlocked is awesome

  • Pederson


  • Endi

    been a member for a bit now. I’m winning

  • Bryan

    Who wouldn’t enter? 🙂

  • Larry

    Already folling on Twiter,Count me in.

  • Mike Azzano

    OH MAN! I want this sooooooo badly!

  • Blair

    already follow you guys on twitter, thanks for everything

  • MuRaNo

    I want in !

  • charles belanger

    Nice contest

  • Meshach David

    That’s so awesome.
    Choose me!
    Twitter: monstermess
    Forum: monstermess

  • james

    I’m following on twitter and I’m also a member. U guys always bring the best info on the canadian wireless industry! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Andre

    Thanks for having these contests. Mobile Syrup is THE source of mobile information in Canada. Doing a give-away with an unlocked device is brilliant!

  • Sharon S

    I so need a new phone and hope I win.

  • Robert Ly

    me please!!

  • Nelson M

    1 only !!!!,come on guys make it 2 or 3 to be won !!! count me in

  • Jean Denis Marcellin

    Boom baby!! Show me the loooooove

  • Jordon

    I was already following you but I am registered at your forum now. Hope I win! But good luck to everyone else . 🙂

  • David James

    Please and Thank you! Heh.. the contest ends on my birthday =S

  • David Lee

    Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Sujeethan Vishnumoorthy

    Well I’m a member of the forums and a follower already,,, so does that mean I’m in! GOOD LUCK ALL!

  • Coldbones

    If it’s free, I’ll take it.

  • Richard Lingad

    count me in

  • Lisa D.

    following you on twitter: masterrockerr

  • Khav

    Like many above I’m already following mobilesyrup on twitter; my twitter username is @khav

  • Ed S

    OK, I’m jumping on the bandwagon! All the best to everyone else!

  • chris r

    pour moi? Merci!

  • Jason

    Straight to ebay. Android FTW

  • romes


  • Naveed

    I already am following u on twitter. I wanna win.

  • Frank

    Nice giveaway homes!

  • Matt van Kessel

    good stuff

  • Dale Richardson

    Must have iPhone. Say no to bumpers! Say yes to Hello Kitty cases!! (gag)

  • Akshdeep Bhatia

    This would honestly make my summer!!


  • Alberto Foglietta


  • Anish Sharma

    iPhone 4 please (:

  • jeremie bouchard

    me please

  • Peter P

    Oh man! I want an iPhone 4 so bad, but too bad I still have about 2 years left on my contact, I legit got a job this summer just to save 800$ for an unlocked iPhone, but I’m realizing now that that’ll never happen because saving is just too hard.. So this would really make my summer!!

    @peterphamm is following you on twitter

  • Marcel B.

    Man, I would love to do my own antennagate testing 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an amazing device

  • Sanket Sutaria

    WOW!. hopefullly I win!

  • BigN

    Just became a member to the forum!!!!

  • Ricky S

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  • Muhammad

    follwed all the steps so im in mobilesyrup im ready to win people!

  • Ernest Chan

    iPhone 4 PLEASE!! Thanks for posting this contest!

  • Ernest C

    iPhone 4 PLEASE!! Thanks for posting this great contest!

  • Colin Mah

    Already following on Twitter.

  • kmacsouris

    I’m following you!

  • Lyssa. SL

    as joined! *crossing fingers* (:

  • Jamie Peabody

    Iphone for me, maybe i’ll sell for an HTC Hmmmmm.

  • phatPath

    WOOT let FACETIME begin 8)

  • Milon Tsa

    Hope i win

  • Chris K

    i’ll gladly take this off your hands

  • Unplug

    All signed up. Never had an iPhone before… /me shakes fist at the telus storm

  • brandon

    count me in mobilesyrup! great to have canadian content for once on canadian cell phone reviews, i hope i win

  • adeel

    Count me in

  • Dustin

    AWESOME!!! I hope us having one already doesn’t disqaulify us 😀 Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Greg

    Please choo choo choose me.

  • Donna M

    wish me luck!

  • Ken MacEachern

    Who wouldn’t want one?

  • janriel pastor

    thank you mobilesyrup !

  • David Evans

    Sure I’ll take it. You can never have enough Apple products.

  • Louis Lecours

    Me Please!

  • Mo Sh

    I’d love to join please!

  • Emad,Y

    It would be soo amazing if i win this 😀

    Best of luck to everyone. ^_^

  • Ken

    i want it

  • Ganesh

    count me in!

  • Leslie

    i want. i want

  • Wayne S

    Damn that didn’t take long. Hope I win.

  • Bob

    Yes, me too!

  • Lilly

    Thanks for having the giveaway

  • Ashish

    I want to win!

  • Max Audet

    Me me me… Was in line this morning but wasn’t able to get one .. PPPLLLEEEAAASSEEE !!!

  • chris

    ofc. I’d love to win this. Anything free is great but iphone4 in specific is what i’d love to win. Didn’t look into the forum until now. Will browse through it sometime.

  • Christine

    woah im excited 😀 enter me plz~

  • gurjinder

    i am already member and logged in

  • javanoir


  • Michael Ye

    I <3 MobileSyrup

  • Travis Brown

    Im following on twitter, very nice contest and good luck to everyone.

  • Jonathan

    I’d love to win

  • Wes Hoover

    i would love this phone!!!

  • chuan j. tran

    omg! i want one

  • Nick Willoughby

    Yay! iPhone4! Would suit me great for a replacement for my LG Rumour! 🙂

  • esy beny

    the syrup is getting sweeter by the minute!

  • Andrew Alvarez

    MobileSyrup = greatness, seriously though, ive never won your contests but i still think that they are awesome

  • Jeffrey Morris

    Twitter: jeffmorr16
    forum: jeffmorr

    please please please

  • Liam


  • Matt Kwan

    I joined the forums today for this but Ive been a long time visitor to the site 😉

  • Francis Tatasciore

    What’s an IPhone? lol!!

  • Raymond Lee

    Yay iphone 4!

  • Saif Rahman

    guyinred is my account name.
    Hope I Win!

  • Steven D

    Soon2Be is me.

  • steeler2003

    Now following also, and crossing fingers!

  • Trevor Tindle

    My birthday is coming up and I would kill for the new iPhone. Best birthday present Eva!!! Thanks mobilesyrup!!!

  • George s

    iPhone 4 for me would be awesome!!

  • larry h

    Hope that lady luck is on my side

  • Philip.P

    Hope too win

  • Curtis St. Cyr

    I have been waiting for this phone forever! I need it so badly. My old phone finally broke and this would be a nice upgrade 🙂

  • Mike

    Another sweet contest by MobileSyrup. Dam this site is awesome.

  • Joshua Miller

    To be able to have a phone that can record HD, could help me get up some promo videos for my NGO.

    Still it all comes down to luck of the draw. Good Luck everybody!

  • Jobcel Isaac Gacura

    I’m a forum member =] here me hoping its my turn..

  • Greg L

    I’ll name my first child or dog after @mobilesyrup if I win. That’s right.

  • Anthony K

    An unlocked iPhone 4? Count me in

  • Rickycv

    Wow…what a great site!

  • Mark Iversen

    All this time I had been resisting joining the forums…
    But on a contest as sweet as this I just had to up my chances! Well played MobileSyrup, well played 😉

  • Keyvan Eslami

    I’d like one!

  • Terry

    Would be a nice gift for my GF. 😛

  • aidan Stewart

    I already follow you on twitter.

  • Peter R.

    Eye fone me!

  • Megan Nicholson

    Ive never won a contest eveer! Id love an iphhone 4:))

  • Nirbir Grewal (nirbs)

    Wow! It would be awesome if I wont this contest!

  • fahdil

    please me this time
    love mobile syrup

  • David Thai

    I would love to win that beauty!

  • Sam A

    Been following mobilesyrup for a long time! Another fantastic contest!

  • Dave Little

    Would enjoy an upgrade from my piece of crap. 😉

  • Dwayne Carnochan

    I never win.

  • Enrique R

    This would be an excellent birthday present for my mom! She’s dreamt about video calling for ages! Thanks guys.

  • Jeff Yu

    I know I won’t win it, but been following mobilesyrup on twitter has been awesome. Continue the good work guys.

  • Saif

    Just registered… I hope I win! 😀

  • Kevin

    187 entries, I like my odds 🙂

  • A R Alexander

    Follow on twitter- check
    Become a member of the forum- check
    Winnig the iphone and getting rid of my 5 year old phone- Pending… I really hope i win 🙂

  • FIlip Mares

    MobileSyrup FTW!

  • kewlmart

    Does it come with a landline cable? Just in case that antenna doesn’t work… just kidding! Would love to win one!

  • Matthew Ainsworth

    I would love to make my first contest win on Mobile Syrup an iPhone 4!

  • Jonathan Bennett

    awesome iphone 4g contest FTW!

  • Stjhnf1980

    Already followed you on twitter, now a forum member too! Please draw my name 🙂

  • Alex Dolter

    I would replace my Pre!

  • nakul

    i will sell it on kijiji if i win here

  • Andrew

    This is a sweet contest~ Please count me in~!

  • Charlie C

    Oh Please Please Please!!!

    I’m still using a Samsung Link… 🙁

    Mobile Syrup Rocks!!!

  • Ashan De Silva

    Just signed up for the Forum, guess that’s my ticket in!

  • Jamie G.

    Okay if I win, I’ll try the reception (no bar) game and sell it! haha

  • Ray Nicolini

    I am already following you on Twitter @TorontoWireless have been a long time follower, great forum and videos.

    Keep up the great work

    Hope to win 🙂

  • Chris Jung

    Free is good. =:)

  • david jeffrey

    Thanks in advance!

  • Terence Chu

    This would make my dreams come true! iPhone 4 please!
    I will replace my RAZR!

  • Cole Mackenzie

    looking at the stats, i doubt i going to win…

  • shane fugere

    hey why not pick me.

  • Silvio Ndoja

    This is an amazing phone that will improve the canadian smartphone market. I would love to be a part of it!

  • Riley S

    Awesome. I don’t have Twitter but I signed up for the forums 🙂

  • ferhansid

    i need a new phone 🙁

  • B

    Well since I can’t find one anywhere else… This would be awesome if I could win one.. Thanks MobileSyrup!!

  • Nick

    Already been following you on twitter for ages! Been member on the forum since it oppened,


    Forum: nicohockey9

    Just adding my comment too 🙂

  • Paul Grzybowski


  • Kenneth

    I am in

  • Rob

    Definitely in! Thanks Mobile Syrup!

  • Edmond Chung

    yes please!

  • jiggidy

    Just signed up and submitted my first post! Hopefully I win after my horrible day…

  • Hassan

    this is my phone ppl

  • Boris J

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Plazmic Flame

    This would be a nice device to have. I assume it’s unlocked. I follow you on Twitter for a long time now!!!

    Twitter: TechGuyG

  • Simon Thai

    Simon says he wants one!

  • Adriano La Civita

    Adriano La Civita

  • Armiya Ibrahim

    sweet hope i win

  • Shams

    Just signed up with the forum… gimme that phone 🙂

  • Joseph B.

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Danny K

    I like turtles

  • kkfl

    I guess MobileSyrup admins don’t want to sift through all the blog comments haha.

  • Amar Singh

    ill put a bandaid on it 😉

  • Kyle Gazor

    I hope I really really win

    Thanks for doing this

  • Chris

    Let me win this one and we can it even for not picking me for any of the other contests I have entered 😉 Great contest. Keep it up.
    Member of the forum and following on twitter as vyt_vyt.

  • cuffzz

    Sure I’ll take one!

  • shay

    YEAHHH been following you on twitter for way too long! @shayhbaz : ) and on youtube since you started : ). I hope I win!

  • Gilbert L

    Awesome! If I win I will give this phone to my wife as I just bought a Samsung Wave. Thanks mobilesyrup for these awesome contests!

  • Azfar

    Nice videos! keep up the good work

  • sean lee

    i want iwant iwant

  • sahodder

    Please send this to me.

  • Dion W.

    Just signed up to the forums! Thanks =)

  • Andrew


  • Anthony Grant

    Im good for a change… death grip or not Apple rocks

  • cuneyt kuskaya

    give it to me baby ahha ahahha 😉

  • Chris H.

    hmmmm! 🙂

  • Rajat M

    Been following you guys since the site first started! Hope I win!

  • Kevin C

    Crosses finger.
    me want 🙂

  • shel

    Following on Twitter @auntiethesis

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Yup, already follow on twitter.

  • Dennie Nguyen

    Hope I win!!! I was in line for the iPhone 4 at 2am today, I waited 8 hours until the Rogers store opened and when I went in they told me that they were going to call Rogers to ask some questions to activate my account. An hour later I find out that they can’t upgrade me because the system won’t let them do the early upgrade. So all in all I waited in line for 8 hours and an hour in store to find out that the system doesn’t work. I really hope I win this one!

  • Eric Arzoomanian

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Alex T.

    I knew you’d do a contest for the iPhone 4! Thanks Mobile Syrup!

  • Luke

    I am already a member on your forum and i am following you on twitter (DSLuke9)

  • Nickw

    iphone 4. Where is the iphone 4?

  • Jason Cameron

    Sweetness! I follow this site like glue on twitter. :p

  • Thai Pham

    i am on twitter zodiac_thr and members at zodiacthr
    i had a shitty day today so i hope that i win 🙁

  • christine lopez

    omg i hope i win!!

  • Mike M

    I need a new phone guys!

  • Philippe

    Ohhhhh yeah !

  • Jake Padilla

    Hope i win, this would be my first cell phone and im 19, im not as fortunate as everybody else.

  • Ferrer Hernandez

    Hope i will win this time 🙂

  • Rossana

    This will be my next phone…sure!!!

  • A. Litonjua

    can’t win if you don’t play, i guess =P
    here we go again!

  • GeorgeG

    Count me in!!!

  • Gurkiran

    I want! Please!

  • Zachary Serson

    Oh, I am SO in.

  • hugh

    i want it

  • Matt Calhoun

    Yes please!

  • Mark Tanner

    Mark Tanner would like to win this phone.

  • Gere

    Of course I’m in this contest!

  • Dimitri

    Pls give it to me…

  • Karano Matthews

    Ooooooooooooooo Man . Mobile Syrup Ii Been Enetering These Contest For The Longest Time .. Let Me Win This One <<---Karano Matthews ... : ]

  • taitofu

    Hi, thanks for the give away promotion! 🙂

  • Evan K

    Oh,I’d like an iPhone 4 so much! I can’t afford one, so it would be great to win one!

    Enter my name please!

  • christine lopez

    hope i win

  • Rin

    Following on twitter, looks SWEEEET.

  • Joseph Puchniak

    i wanna win

  • cory george

    come to me please in atlantic canada

  • Bhupinder Deogun


  • christine lopez

    i wanna win!!

  • bj

    pretty, so pretty… and would make the wife so happy!

  • Pedro morales

    Hope I win never had a ipod or iPhone or anything Apple maybe this will change if I win the iPhone 4 fingers crosses happy face 🙂 !

  • Justen

    I want to win an iPhone!

  • Nico

    Gimme free iPhone.

  • Michael Hua

    whoa, this is so great! MICHAEL HUA

  • Jay

    sure , need a new phone !

  • Dave

    would love to win.

  • Jeff

    My 2G is on its last leg……….been through hell and back but still holds on so I can get a game of angry birds in.

  • Daniel Krueger

    Here is my entry post.

  • DANO

    I want it, enter me into the draw BABY!!!

  • brian

    sounds good to me!!!

  • Ben

    HEY!! i’m a member on your forum, and following @mobilesyrup on twitter! Yay, i always wanted an iPhone to replace my very old 8700 Blackberry! 🙂

  • Kevin

    I want one… for my mom! Please! It is her present!

  • Jeeverz

    Very Nice Indeed!

    Got that twitter going on!

  • Nicolas Trudel

    *crosses fingers*

  • CK


  • Tri Nguyen

    Holy balls I want this. Choose me!

  • Hyder A.

    I would love to win the iphone 4!

  • James

    new iphone would be nice please and thanks

  • Carlo Villarreal

    please! i need a new phone!

  • Samanta

    Done & done! Nowww I hope I win 🙂

  • Kyle Carruthers

    Yes please.

  • Thomas

    *crosses fingers*

  • Zach

    Me please! 😀

  • Derek L


  • Roger C

    I hope I win this one!

    The new main page layout is much better btw.

  • Azfar

    Here goes nothing. Been keeping up with mobilesyrup for quite a while, figured might as well follow on Twitter in hopes of winning an iPhone4 ! w00T

  • Philip Munar

    Im following you guys on Twitter, hope I win.

  • Andrew

    Just signed up!

  • Siv


  • Paul W

    Meeeee. My 3G is soooo slow from iOS4 and im so broke its sad.

  • Rebecca Li

    Great contest! Please pick me!

  • Kevin’s Gignac

    Me too!

  • Marissa

    please and thank you

  • Marlon

    Ill use it even if it has a lot of issues. One of the best thing In life are free especially the iphone 4.

  • Kahlie Speechly

    ooo im in!

  • Pumpkin Escobar

    OOOH man just signed up for the forum. If I have already been following you, do I automatically get entered into the contest?

  • Rodney Woods

    So excited to make a switch to this device. Always check out the videos, subscribed on youtube, bookmarked and always checking for updates 🙂 (crosses fingers)

  • Victor

    I’m already following and I’m a member of the forum. username biictorr on both sites. please please please pick me

  • Hogan Wong

    Would VERY much hope I would win this. The slowness of my Nokia 6108 is killing me!!!

  • Jonathan Gratton

    Finally a Apple product I would show off and die to have! The antenna issue isn’t a big deal for me, I don’t hold my phone in such a position anyway!

    I do still think they should resolve the issue with the antenna to make loyal costumers happy.


    so excited, i would love to win 🙂
    iPhone 4 rocks!

  • Kyle Dadgar

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rimon Moshi

    I would for sure like this.

  • Pricelessspirit

    I discovered about this website from watching some of your youtube videos and since then constantly watching your Canadian content videos. Great job.

  • Luke Asayo

    Please iNeed and iPhone!

  • Bryce Hamelin

    please pick! i want this phone!!

  • kmyk

    wooooo~ registered for the forum 🙂

  • Mark

    woohoo!!! i love mobile syrup and give aways!!

  • ALI

    great if i win this iphone .. need a phone so badly.

  • Timothy Catibog

    Good to see the link works now, looks like you got my heads up (@jordycatibog). On that note, count me in! 🙂

  • Charles

    An iPhone4 would be nice!

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    Iphone 4 will be mine :)Stop thinking you will win…

  • Sarah-Anne Lechman

    It’s mine 🙂

  • angel

    woot! i guess it’s a random draw of all the members/twitter followers~
    GOOD LUCK!! =D

  • Danial Asghar

    im so down for this…. great contest :D… hope i win

  • Triby

    Why, yes, yes, I would like one!

  • Mike


  • Daniel

    Wow, would be nice to win an iphone! 🙂

  • Bigdad

    I just try my friend’s iphone 4. I lost my love to my iphone 3GS…..Please let me win!!!

  • mobilewaffles

    It’s really nice of MobileSyrup to do this. Been following them since the launch of the HTC Hero in Canada. 🙂
    Most tech websites don’t give two cents about their readers, and these guys are giving away iPhones!
    Thank you MobileSyrup!

  • Maxwell

    Pretty AWESOME!!

  • Gabbi

    Wow I Really Want to Win This!

  • Marc-André Desjardins

    I want it so bad!

  • Ian Macklon


  • Segun

    It can be as bad aas my BB Storm 9530. Any phone would be better right now. Thank you for a wonderful contest.

  • Khanh P

    pick me )).

  • Henry Kang

    love the blog, going to jump in as well

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    Thao Chung.

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    (also a follower)

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    Thanks for the contest!

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    Good Contest, and updated Twitter feed from MobileSyrup …. I like !

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    Just got ripped off with a broken unlocked iphone 🙁 this would be nice since i dont have a cell atm !!

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    On Twitter, following you, of course. My username: CrypticWritings

    Thanks again and good luck everyone!

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    I’m going to win it and sell it to some Apple-crazed i***t that will be willing to pay more than the market price because s/he is a mindless zombie that follows the crowd instead of leads the crowd.

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  • joshua

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    Twitter: @ttingfeng
    Forums: ttingfeng
    Hope I win! -crosses fingers-

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    Such an amazing contest! thank you

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    I hope this is the one!

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    my old one keeps loosing bars…

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    Choose me Jay Rottgen

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    Thanks! good luck to all

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    Keep up the great work! Oh and also, let me win the iPhone 4, my BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is getting rusty…

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

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    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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    Planning on purchasing my first smartphone/droid in the next month… but I would settle for an iphone 4 as a back-up… lol… best of luck to all! I’ll post pics if I win!

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    I already follow, and am a forum member:) LETS HOPE I WIN!!!! I could really use this iPhone!

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    Hopefully i win this contest.

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    I’m not on Twitter & am already a member, so hopefully my name gets entered into this one!

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    Denise Gagnon

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    Thanks in advance.

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    Please Mobilesyrup , I really need a new phone . I’d love it if I had this phone . I love this phone , its the best phone ever !

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    I would trade in my pre for one of those unlocked jobies. is it worth the extra 15 bucks though, if I get rid of the PRE?
    im only paying 35 bucks for my plan

  • Dave

    I really really want this phone. This RAZR isnt cutting it anymore!!!

  • Chris O

    Had no interest in buying on, but I certainly won’t say no to free!

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    I would like to try an iPhone 4
    Travis b.

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    best of luck to everyone 🙂

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    follow me at soleCGY
    i would love to get this

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    I never had a apple device yet and I hope this is it.

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  • anjeloferrer8

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    Count me in please and thankyou.

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    When your saying the winner its 2 days away from my birthday so i hope i win because it would be the best gift ever.

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    put me in please because all my freinds has iphone and i dont and they keeep making fun of me.

  • anjeloferrer8

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    I’ll take one please

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    Pick me

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    Haven’t owned anything Apple before but I am ready to give in and join the rest of the world.

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    i would like to get an upgrade to the iphone 4

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    Would sure love to win one of these. could sure upgrade from an s710a

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    I am so down for an iPhone!

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    my real name is Anjelo Ferrer.
    I would to be in please and thank you.

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  • Mhairy McLachlan

    Now THAT’s a great prize!! I’m following you on Twitter (@mhairym) and keeping my fingers and toes crossed. 🙂

  • Mhairy McLachlan

    Now THAT’s a great prize!! I’m following you on Twitter (@mhairym) and keeping my fingers & toes crossed. 🙂

  • Anjeloferrer8

    Hey do you know the answer for which one is my dream phone?

    That one!

    Good luck to all and god bless you.

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    Just joined the forum! Great contest, would love to win this! perfect b-day gift for me! Thanks in advance

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  • Anjeloferrer8

    Put me in because I never had an apple device yet and would be so happy if I did.

  • Anjeloferrer8

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    my birthday is coming up.if I win it would be the best gift ever.

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    good luck to all and me.

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    I’ve been waiting for this all my life and I’m so exited.
    I hope I win please.

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    goood luck everybody.

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  • Gary Abbott

    I would love this beautiful product!

    – Gary Abbott

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    Hurray! Hook me up, bro.

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    Jumping in!

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    Fingers crossed as my iPhone is completely smashed 🙁

  • Frank

    Nice giveaway!! PICK ME!!!

  • Nadeem Khan

    I hope I win. I’ve already been following you guys for eternity..

  • Nick

    Ok, like, if I won this phone, I would call my mother, because she says I never call, So if you want me to call my mother……..

    On another note, if it is tied to At&t the call will probably get dropped….. luckily it is unlocked I can change providers (Telus, Rogers or Bell)!

  • qball

    I’m in…this is the only way I would own an iPhone

  • Ron Raymond

    Ohhhh, count me in.

  • Jason C

    Could I say no? Well yes I just did but that’s not the point. Well I suppose it technically could be the point but what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t say no … ok well I suppose I _could_ (well I actually did now that I think about it) but I wouldn’t (if I hadn’t already)… would I?

    Ok now my head hurts. I’m going to lay down now.

  • Arvin

    Good luck to all who entered!!!!

  • Zachary Serson

    Count me in!

  • oscar

    That’s great from you guys!

    Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work!


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  • David

    I ready to be selected the winner.

  • Heather Decena

    Joined forum and already following on twitter 🙂

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    well… although i’m not a fan for iphone
    but free things! who will resist! XDDD

    thank you for the opportunities mobile syrup!!! =]

  • David English

    I love Mobilesyrup!

  • Jen Chandler

    please pick me ..i need a phone and love this site

  • Anjelo ferrer

    This would be the best gift for me because my birthday is the next day.
    Good luck to . And god bless you all.
    My forum and twitter username is anjeloferrer8

  • Tahir

    Have a Iphone 4 will be nice………………

  • Robert M

    Count me in!
    I need the 16 gee bee’s!!

  • Sam

    Good luck to everyone!

  • jaylin manning

    WHO WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

  • anjeloferrer8

    count me in

  • anjeloferrer8

    mobilesyrup is the at giving away prizes and telling you what the device can do.
    your the best.

  • Peter P

    You dunno how bad I want an iPhone 4! I’m a forum member and I get your tweets to my phone, best way to stay updated :].

  • Justin Michitsch

    Good luck everyone! Make sure you don’t hold the bottom-left corner.

    P.S I’m following you twitter 🙂

  • Ernest B.

    Thanks MobileSyrup for all the latest Cell news.

  • Nate Bolton

    Woohoo! I’d love one.

  • Armiya Ibrahim

    would be cool to win

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    When are you going to say the winner
    I’ve been waiting for it so long.

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    Oh pick me plz!!!

  • Kuya jelo

    Your so it was my birthday today and I thought I was going to win and I really wanted to get that

  • bobbybob

    Who Won?

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    Wish to win this. My phone recently broke! GO MOBILESYRUP

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    im gona be luckyyyy

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    Me Please

  • Blair

    Me please.

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    I neeeed the iphone 4!!!!

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    i really want a phone!!!!!

  • xander

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  • shashank

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