webOS 2.0 coming “later this year”


  • Alisdair Archibald

    I’m very hopeful that some good devices will come out by the end of the year. I love my hacked Pre.

  • JeffD

    very nice new site layout

  • Peter

    The Pre was and still is one of the best phones I’ve ever used. Even if Palm moves into the background as a sub brand, everyone of its competitors will be keenly watching what it’s doing with WebOS, because it has huge potential.

  • Vampiro

    I love to be a Hpalm fan.

    Go webOS go!!!

  • Jeff

    I wish there were more devices coming because I like Palm, they just can;t compete anymore

  • Siv

    “Later this year” is an exciting time for smartphone consumers!

    webOS 2.0, Android 3.0, WP7, BlackBerry 6 and Nokia says they will drop the first MeeGo device sometime this year!