webOS 1.4.5 now available for download on the Bell Palm Pre


  • Alex T.

    Horray! I’ll have to wait for my favourite patches to be updated before downloading 1.4.5.

  • Bong Sniffer

    Somebody call the network guys at Bell, tell them to fire up the backup servers…11 users will be downloading the patch…hahahahahahahaha

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    LMMFATFO @ ” Bong Sniffer ”

    8MB and its gunna download over afew days?
    OMG 4real? Can you not just download & install it right away?
    man, i download porn bigger then that LMAO kidding, but android 2.1 for my diamond, was near 80MBs That took awhile, but really only like 10 + minutes Not days lol

  • Al

    It will download when the network isn’t busy. LMMFATFO you need to read the explanation. This has everything to do with the carrier maximizing bandwidth, I’m sure google does this too.