Chatr “launch has been delayed, with a revised launch date to be determined”


  • Cole McLean

    HA good !

  • rocco stiffreddi

    So the rumor of new devices and smart phones is confirmed? Awesome. I believe the same tipster confirmed that the new product literature is being printed with the data prices? All most interesting.

  • Larry

    I totally beleave this is the wrong direction Rogers is going.Rogers could easily spend the money on improving there network coverage.This is my main reason for my planed move away from Rogers,Probly Telus or Bell.I was waiting for iPhonne4 and Sasktel to launch 3G+ service.

  • rogerwind

    @lary how are telus or bell any different? bell is positioning solo to compete with chatr while telus is increasing koodo’s awareness… these guys are all the same with rogers leading in innovation and technology everytime… who had iphone first? who had android first? who had a gsm network first? who has sony xperia excluive? plans are the same exact for all 3 i don’t see how one is any better than the other…

  • Canadude

    Maybe you need glasses?

  • donald

    I don’t see any reason for the speculation that Mobilicity’s complaints are behind the delay. Whatever the reason, I doubt the delay will be more than a few days; dealers and stores won’t want to keep displays and stock in the storeroom for longer than that.

    I would guess some technical glitch; e.g. IT still working to segregate Chat-r users from Rogers and Fido users on the network for roaming charges; SIM cards have not arrived; something like that. Or maybe something as mundane as the media-buy and materials for the launch are behind schedule.

    We guess Larry (above) is located in SK, but I can’t see network quality as being an issue anywhere that Chat-r is planned. There may be issues with the 3G network in the hinterland, but the 2G network on which Chat-r will operate is as solid as anything is going to get in the major cities.

  • Harry

    I dont know about you guys but if I were to choose a flanker brand I would choose koodo for there better rate plans and you get a solid nationwide coverage for 50$/month I get this
    Nationwide Talk & Text Combo

    No Long Distance Charges on All Calls Within Canada‡

    Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture)±

    Up to 300 Nationwide Anytime Minutes

    7pm Nationwide Evenings & Weekendsº

    Call Display


    Includes Call Waiting, Conference Calling and Per-Second Billing
    Nationwide Talk & Text Combo

    Id rather get 300anywhere in canada minutes WHILE ANYWHERE IN CANADA then get unlimited calling while I can only be in my own city doesn’t make much sence to get a cell phone to mee it says I don’t want to pay for both landline and cellular service so I’ll put my landline company out of business.

  • Karam

    I think Rogers is waiting for the Wind promo to finish before they launch their Chatr brand.

    They’re smart enough to know that launching their brand with Wind’s promotion at the same time is gonna hurt their brand so they’re just waiting for these promos to finish before launching Chatr.

  • rocco stiffreddi

    karam now is the perfect time.. Wind is locked into a make no money phase couple that with the lack of handsets, and network holes they are ripe for the pickings.. besides this is not about chat-r as a new brand it is about wind being set a drift.

  • Terry

    I think the whole purpose of Winds promo aside from getting new customers is to point out that Chatr, a brand people never heard of is just another Rogers brand.

    Bell, Telus and Rogers try to hide the fact that most of the competition is really their own stuff because they want people to have the illusion of competition while still ending up with one of them.

    People won’t go to Chatr knowing it’s not a new company but just another Rogers. It’s really clever really.

  • rocco stiffreddi

    Terry the reason Rogers is Launching Chat-r is to put put down Wind. Clearly its a better option, you will not be limited by the few handsets out there. Billing should be far better than winds and I think its fair to say the coverage will be better. Data is the only point I see as an issue but it has been hinted that Data is a phase 2 offering. What I have seen is how quiet it is on the Wind forums.. they see the end is near..

    But clearly Chat-r is there to end Wind. You know it I know it and Jabroni knows it.

  • JAWG

    I agree with Rocco 100%,Wind will lose totally once ChatR gets up and running and only the Fanboys will be left in time who lied to new customers about how great their service/network is when truly it isn’t…that is disgraceful and why so many users have already left.

    I predict eventually we will find out what Orascom’s hidden motives were to get into the Canadian market with a just as a deceiving company like Wind and who runs it,Orascom’s reputation overseas is absolutely garbage regardless where they are from and the bigot card should not be used…their corruption is pretty clear and their history speaks for itself.Yes,Rogers/Bell/Telus may not be perfect and that’s why we need changes…however to claim our Canadian corporations are corrupt compared to Orascom/Wind is a joke and in my opinion this new entrant has no credibility left.

    Mobilicity/PM will struggle against ChatR whether they pursue legal action or not,yet they deserve to be in the market and the bottom line is if they can’t compete they will be eaten up fast…I wish them well in their little niche and they actually may do well.Still,with Rogers established base/working network/ability to convince happy users to remain even if they have to change brands they have a Win-Win situation even without data…if data is finally included with a larger coverage area the new entrants are doomed and definitely after Bell/Telus introduce their new direction in what to provide.

    If Wind fails I’ll be very happy considering who created it and the way they used Canadians for their own benefits to hustle into the market.It’s just a pathetic company and many have realized that.

  • TBR

    You are 100% correct JAWG. There are too many fanboys and employees of windy on the forums telling lies about how good windy is. Every so often a fanboy like potentpotable comes out of the closet and admits the wind failures and how they are fed up with supporting them, in essence they are admitting their lies.

    Wind should have completed a strong network in Toronto before moving on and they would have taken the market by storm.

  • JAWG

    You’re right TBR and I just don’t understand it ,some of these guys are Techies and supposed to be neutral for the sake of improving technology and many of them simply lie about Wind with no real benefits for anyone…Wind is just a pathetic company hiding behind hype and they used their customers right from the beginning.Some of the claims are hysterical,yet many individuals fail to realize your point that Wind should never have moved to second stage until the initial home base was completely established and now all they have is basically a poor overall network that will take years to fix because of incompetence including poor infrastructure…I mean honestly Mobilicity is running better at this stage in comparable areas and if anything the Big Three are more concerned about them although M was a bit of a disappointment also.That’s why ChatR will do well and hopefully destroy Wind for good eventually since they have no basis to be supported.

  • rsingh

    @ TBR and JAWG, you guys are just a bunch of Robellus Trolls and nothing more.

    Winds network has greatly improved, I have very few problems. Voice quality is better than Rogers. Initially there were some network problems and these have been addressed. There are a few coverage holes but to be honest I have been on very long phone calls without the call dropping. I have had less dropped calls than I did with Rogers GSM.

    The only network I have had almost zero dropped calls was the original microcell, unfortunately Rogers soon changed that puppy into a guard dog

  • jarr

    i own a wind phone and continue to experience several dropped calls and issues

    i am keeping the phone along with the other new entrants for competitive analysis reasons (for a school project)

  • jonjon

    i really wish chat-r would launch in Montreal. We hardly have any competition coming here. The only real new entrant in Montreal is Public Mobile and they have had too many issues with their network, service, etc..

  • mccans

    To quote part of AC/DC’s song. “Who delayed who”

    Well, it seems to be the shoe is now on the other foot and maybe one of the newbies (Mobilicity) delayed their launch.

    What irony 🙂

  • Justin Credible

    @rogerwind, You’re incorrect on one point. Who was the first GSM network in Canada? Not Rogers. It was Fido. And Fido was the first data network and the first SMS network as well. ROGERS did not “innovate” or introduce all those things, they simply bought out the company that did.

  • jarr

    @justin credible

    doesn’t matter. lotsa companies out there weren’t the first. take microsoft and apple for example, currently the #1 and #2 largest companies in the world by market cap

    what’s your point? who cares – engineers and scientists make wonderful things, but are lousy at executing the business plan

    good for rogers to have the business knowledge and saavyness to make the acquisition, take out the competition and make lots of money for themselves

    p.s. – yes. rogers is a company that makes money. they are not a charity. they are not here, existing, to make you feel nice and warm and fuzzy inside. deal with it.

  • JAWG


    Sorry,but I’m not a Rogers troll…obviously you are one for Wind.I tried Wind which was complete garbage from top to bottom and the people I know who are still using that provider describe the same thing.I’m just waiting for ChatR to launch and I anticipate it will be good…why would I waste my money staying with Wind for their continuous beta tweaking or placed in a position where I have to listen to their endless repetitive lies when something goes wrong or they can’t fix it.They supposedly have a Billion dollar telecommunications giant behind them which only correlates with Three Stooges engineers and you want me to praise them…you guys wanted competition and that’s what you’re getting as Rogers has no interest to give up since I applaud them for reacting and wish them good luck.This is why Rogers is the Top Dog and a lot more accurate than Wind Fanboys who falsely claim millions have left that company to join their inferior network with poor service.

    Presently I’m trying Mobilicity and it is far superior in the same area than Wind at this stage,however their plans are not appealing to me for the long run and I will definitely try ChatR when they launch…better coverage/established network/less problems once they get started and considering they are opening another brand it shows they are willing to finally make changes.The bottom line is Rogers is in business and regardless what the past was like they are moving ahead now that the environment is shifting…I’d rather give them a chance than corrupt Wind with their false promises and CEO who should be selling used cars.

    Mobilicity has no real grounds to start legal action,if they do then maybe we should further investigate how Wind was allowed into the market and what went wrong permitting them to launch under such suspicious terms…ChatR must be allowed in the market and instead of crying like babies both Mobilicity/Wind/PM should start producing.Wind is and always will be a third rate company unless management changes and their only hope in the future is to eventually sell to more reliable owners that don’t lack integrity.

  • rocco stiffreddi

    A simple google search ” orascom in trouble ” will tell you a great deal. Orascoms number 1 network is in jeopardy of being taken back by the government. couple that with over 500 milion in fines.. 4th quarter losses and markets that are beginning to feel the pinch.. lets not forget Orascom being put on the terror list.. all that means nothing to the average cell phone user.. they just want cheap cellular.. chat-r will give ya that and a reliable network.. and zones that can change faster that the glitter of jabroni’s shiny suit.

    I find it funny that jabroni is believing his hype.. but now that the pharaohs purse strings are tight what will he do? Stop using his rogers blackberry is what he will do!

  • JAWG


    That was friggen hilarious…yet so true.I’ll say it again,I really don’t understand these Wind Fanboys or their beliefs…they must be brainwashed or just unable to think for themselves as they roam around like a cult from site to site.

    In Pakistan Orascom was confirmed to be a security threat and their network was used for spying purposes,let’s not forget how Wind was bought in Italy through planned schemes or their massive tax problems regarding deception in Algiers…this has nothing to do with the being Egyptians,it has to do with them basically being corrupt and the proof has been established all over the world.

    The government NEVER released info detailing how Wind/Orascom got into the market saying the documents are sealed and now some fools want ChatR to be investigated by trying to establish a new brand to compete…it goes against the principles Wind Fanboys are preaching and shows what hypocrites they are.

    Anyone who believes Tony The Gigolo had probably just as little honest as him and that’s why the Fanboys spend all their time on the Wind site trying to convince unsuspecting new customers that their network is great with lies.Pretty pathetic and why ChatR has to be supported…rather than criticizing ChatR maybe Wind Fanboys should be forcing that company to act with integrity and actually fulfill their obligations to Canada rather than operate like a Used Car Dealership selling Lemons.

    I know I’ll be using the ChatR network with minimal problems while Wind users will still be trying to connect with CS regarding their massive problems and after more than 6 months that’s a joke as any good company would have already fixed those problems in the initial home area instead of cutting rates in half to con people.

  • rocco stiffreddi

    JWAG it is so easy to poke fun at jabroni.. the man is an i***t.. there is no way I can release a interview of him speaking on camera without getting the bloke who was filming fired.. but all he did was tell the guy doing the interview here is what you are to ask me.. and then he would say ” Oh XXX thats a excellent question ” the jabroni would, in essence, prise himself. himself. Now I did hear 3rd hand that said he was an Engineer and yet no record of him comes up in the database.. my name is there.. Rocco Grosso StiffReddi but it is there.

  • joeblow

    Supporting ChatR ??? Either you guys are “Robbers Related” or “TUNNEL VISION”. Think twice why we have so many competitors in the market today ?

  • rocco stiffreddi

    Oh Joe you are a funny fellow.. we have some entrants that got into the game the legal way and we have one that slipped in under the wire.. The latter is the one that is crying the most. Oh to be in the room when the Pharaoh calls and yells at jabroni! I can hear it now.. Put down that shiny suit.. where’s my money!
    I mean honestly we all make fun of jabroi and rightfully so.. he is a little fish in with the big boys.. if he was smart he would have just shut his trap and not made any waves.. but now well as you all can see he is a running.. poor poor jabroni.. I hear in Toronto Kaldeeps used car and Falaffel hut is looking for a clean up man..

  • JAWG

    @Joe…I think you’re been blowing too hard!

    Every time someone says anything against Wind or good about Rogers many of you devil worshipers claim we work for Rogers,still thinking within reality regardless what a few of you fools claim MILLIONS of individuals are happy with Rogers network/service and will never change to a garbage provider like Wind…if anything Wind did not create competition because of the way they entered the market/manipulated Canadians with lies/continue to go on simple hype who only morons believe and I actually applaud Rogers

  • JAWG

    @Joe…I think you’ve been blowing too hard!

    Every time someone says anything against Wind or good about Rogers many of you cult worshipers claim we work for Rogers,still thinking within reality regardless what a few of you fools claim MILLIONS of individuals are very happy with Rogers network/service and will never change to a garbage provider like Wind.

    If anything Wind did not create competition because of the way they entered the market/manipulated Canadians with lies/continue to go on with simple hype who only morons would support and I actually applaud Rogers for creating ChatR to run these bums out of town.

    If anyone did cause competition it’s Mobilicity/PM in their own little niche who entered the market with some decency although their rates/whining/direction appeal to me less now,so again I welcome ChatR including the new Solo brand and anything that will comes up as their decision is fully legal…in short they deserve to survive and if Wind fails all the customers who left them with some integrity will be clapping with joy.

    Wind’s whole outfit is a joke just like their supporters and if they want to remain in a club where brains are removed so be it.

  • joeblow

    @rocco stiffreddi and @JAWG

    As a Robber’s shareholder, thank you to both of you in defending my share price and dividends.

  • JAWG

    So ChatR may be delayed a bit,however that gives Rogers more time to rethink everything and come in stronger when they do officially launch…the move by Mobilicity only makes them look weak as I said before since they are failing to produce what they promised just like Wind running scared and that also makes the government look hypocritical considering they were demanding more free competition.If you think the Big Three will just sit back to be taken over for long you’re really smoking the good stuff and this is only a minor set back in the very least.This may actually push Rogers into making even bigger unplanned changes with their main brands which would be perfectly legal and that would spell disaster for M/W/PM.Imagine,the government allows a corrupt company like Wind/Orascom into the market and then won’t allow a Canadian provider to launch a different brand because some of the new entrants are whining that it’s not ridiculously fair…Rogers will eventually prosper and in reality many will wait until ChatR launches instead of joining companies that still have lousy networks/poor service/CS that is a total joke with minimal training.


    Signed up with Cantel in 1990, left and joined Wind Mobile in Feb, one of the best decision i’ve ever made in my life and will never turn my head back to this EVIL company. Went through Rogers’ GSM introduction state and took them at least 2 years to calibrate the network stability to Wind’s today’s standard (7 months) and it is getting better and better. ChatR ? Thanks but no thanks.

  • TCom

    I would try WIND but I’m quite certain they’re going bankrupt with their perpetual 50% off sales and big advertising. They scare me.

  • rocco stiffreddi

    timehaschanged a wind fan boy.. allow me to educate you.. in 7 months wind, using a network in a box has become the laughing stock of the wireless world and it is the best decision you had ever made? bravo sir.. you win the tin foil hat. But lets not be picky here.. lets have a list, we all like lists..
    Network thats spotty
    Calls dropped
    CS not answering the phone
    Not able to view ones bill
    Not able to pay ones bill
    On again off again Roaming
    Poor handset choices
    Poor handset quality
    Endless fine print
    Change your number Lose your plan
    Phantom charges
    Home zones that are away zones
    911 not working all the time
    Battery pulls
    Sim card pulls
    Sim card failures

    I can go on all day.

    gotta go my phone is ringing..
    must really steam your brocolli I can place a call anyplace anytime .. roam anywhere I chose.


    @rocco stiffreddi

    I was a Rogers boy for 20 years.


    @rocco stiffreddi

    To be unbiased, can you also provide a list for Rogers ?

  • jarr

    here is my list of problems with rogers:

    that’s it. a relative measure. compared to other cell phone services i have had (verizon and t mobile in the states), rogers performed just as well. yes – i got dropped calls, but nothing that really stuck out. found similar things happening in the states.

    go rogers go!

  • JAWG

    The new entrants really break me up!

    Today Mobilicity announced changes to their unlimited plans,if you go with the $25 plan plus all the specified add-ons you’re paying $38 minus text…however if you go with the $35 plan you get everything including text.Just doesn’t make any sense in the way they priced it…again poor thinking and panic is sinking in before ChatR/Solo launches.Forget Wind…they are just crapping all over themselves like Rocco said.At least this new competition is entertaining each day and I have $100 on who will sink first.If I win I’ll buy an extra Sub at Rocco’s and maybe even a beer.

  • rocco stiffreddi

    Wind is in damage control.. so they are out.. the others are just gonna go without a fight.. jabroni will no doubt get an interview, answer questions that he has written up himself and continue to say we are the voice of change.. umm whats that the call dropped. sheesh wind! There used to be a time that wind insiders would speak about wind.. now they are all silent.. even mcnuts and tammy are quiet.. according to wind that are putting up 10 towers a day and yet the network is still crap. Oh and the list.. hmmm a few dropped calls.. calls in for issues can be counted on one hand.

    Yes I pay a little more then you.. BUT I get my calls.. and can make them anytime anyplace I choose but its not nice to make fun of less fortunate.. oh on a more amusing note it was said on the windless site there are a whole 30 handsets 30-35 I think for wind.. I s**t myself.. wow.. and some 800 or so that will work on the real networks out there.. so whats that all about?

  • JAWG

    I heard from a good source that McNuts and Tammy got divorced because they couldn`t have anymore phone sex due to all the dropped calls…oh well another love story with a happy ending thanks to the almighty Wind.Can you imagine that…they never even got their own text messages and somehow an Egyptian on a camel received them by accident.Great Network and another reason to join.

  • Wise guy

    The big three have been given it to us up the butthole for years,you should be thankful wind and whoever who has come have opened the market up.If you geeks thought about the bigger picture, prices are coming down for services and minutes are no longer capped.Yeah wind is not as good as the big three but they def changed the game and got everybody on their toes.I say support whoever is giving competitive pricing and boycott the big three until they want to compete.Do you really want to wait till 9pm to use ur phone?Cause the average guy is gone to bed at 11pm.Wake up people you cant be a sheep your whole lives and get your moneys worth.