TELUS HTC Desire pricing revealed in their Source Code?


  • Al

    $300 on a three year contract. OUCH!

  • Graham

    think you made a typo 399.95 for the 2yr contract, not 299.95.

    I don’t believe these are correct though. Telus doesn’t discount $100 to go from 1yr to 2yr contract.

    I’m guessing pricing will be:
    no contract: $650
    1yr: $599
    2yr: $450
    3yr: $299

  • Graham

    oops, I mean
    2yr: $549

  • Chad

    How do you guy think about these things…..amazing

  • Ryan Nelson

    Weird, you have to go to the Ontario site to see this in the source code. I am in NB, and checked the source but wasn’t there. Then I noticed you guys were looking at the Ontario site, checked their source and it was there. You would think the pages would be the same 🙂

  • Jeeverz

    It’s probably $299.95 on a 3 year without data

    So pricing should be ~$99 on a 3 year voice+data

  • Ryan Nelson

    And $300 for a 3 year contract doesn’t sound right either, that is more expensive than an iphone, and at that price, you might as well just order yourself a Nexus One for $530 and have no contract.

  • charrion

    That’s a bit much even on a three year term. But then I paid $600 for my Nexus One.

  • Coldbones

    I wonder what the no-contract price will be.

  • Don

    I’m still happy with my Legend, I’m still happy with my Legend. I’ll get a new Android phone next summer.

  • Randy – 1

    I’d say that’s likely just some sort of placeholder in the code.

    TELUS usually only does $50 off the no contract price for 1 year, another $50 off for 2 years, then huge discount for 3 years.

    This was a cool discovery, but I don’t put much stock in the numbers.

  • Thomas

    It will surely launch at 199 on 3 years and then go to 149

  • Ryan Nelson


    Your HTC Legend is an Android phone.

    Android is an operating system which is available on many different devices.

  • Alex T.

    OUCH! That’s terrible pricing if it’s true. From what I’ve read, the Desire is supposed to be the cheaper sibling of the Nexus One as it uses cheaper components. I agree with the comments here, probably would be better off buying the Nexus One for $530 USD or the HTC Legend for $350.

  • RandyNewbie

    The hTC Desire HD is rumored to be launching in October 2010.

    4.3″ WVGA screen with an 8 MP camera and 720p video recording running on Froyo.

  • jim

    my guess would be that this 3 year price is non promotional, meaning they will discount even further if u take a min $50 plan…

  • Erik

    Didn’t the milestone also have an expensive 3-year contract price? Like 200-300? But then telus has another 100 off of that.

  • Alex T.

    Since the HTC Desire will be using a SLCD screen instead of a AMOLED screen. Will Mobile Syrup please do a comparison with a Nexus One when the Desire launches?

  • Randy – 1

    It’s a very sweet phone to be sure. Of course, there’s something bigger & better just around the corner, but if you wait for that, then there’ll be something bigger & better than that around the next corner. You simply have to ask, will this do what I need it to do? …and for me the answer is definitely yes.

    I’m still debating this or the N1 (for faster firmware upgrades). I think price will definitely be the determining factor in the success of this phone. I feel it needs to be $499 or less else it’s as well to go with the N1.

    It’s hard to figure TELUS sometimes. The Hero is still at $499 even though the superior Legend is only $349 at Virgin. Actually, it’s not really that hard to figure. TELUS doesn’t care about anything but 3 year term pricing.

  • Jordan

    The new(er) Desire most likely won’t be hitting Canada for a long time.

  • terribad

    Canada is always late to the party with new phones and when they finally get here it’s old news. For 299 telus can go f themselves.

  • rm

    did they remove those lines of code cause i cant seem to find them… leads me to believe as well that they were place holders

  • xaueious

    They always have that $100 off ‘full price’, so I am guessing it will be $199, which is still too much.