TELUS employees begin HTC Desire training


  • Mo Shahrokni

    Late July? Isnèt it already available at Virgin Telus is falling behind in the handset category from all other carriers.

  • Mardos

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
    I love the desire HURRY UP!!!!

  • Marc

    THAT IS THE DAY NEWS!!!! Thanks MobileSyrup! And my wife keeps telling me to stop hanging every hour on your site, to grab news, lolll!

    Maybe she’s right, but sometimes… 🙂

    Thanks again to be first at sharing it!

  • RandyNewbie

    @ Mo Shahrokni — Virgin/Bell have the hTC Legend. The hTC Desire is the 3.7″ WVGA Android device with the Snapdragon 1 Ghz processor.

  • Khav

    Mo Shahrokni, you’re thinking of the HTC Legend. Last I heard, Telus has the exclusive Canadian rights to the Desire.

  • Marc

    Mo Shahrokni is respectfully wrong.

    Only HTC Legend is available at the moment with Virgin.

    HTC Desire is supposed to be available only with Telus 😉

  • joseph niagara

    Big Deal! Another Android phone HTC will cripple in some way and then disown it next just like the Dream and Magic. Blab blah blah Your all like Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup. Its just a phone people not a cure for cancer. jez

  • Mathieu

    @ joseph niagara Another Android phone HTC+TELUS will cripple

    Just bought the Nexus One from Google, it’s basically the same hardware and it’s already on Android 2.2 and it’s running Flash 10.1 very well.
    2.2 will only come to the Telus Desire by the end of the year… by that time the Nexus One will already be running the next Android version.

  • Ryan Nelson

    Now, would you buy the Nexus One with 2.2 or would you buy the HTC Desire with hopes that 2.2 is coming this fall? That is the real question.

    I wonder what the prices will be?

  • Randy – 1

    @joseph, I find your disdain for excitement over a new phone kind of puzzling considering we’re all, including yourself, on a mobile phone enthusiasts web site and forum board.

    I think @Ryan posed the question correctly. A more bare bones Nexus One with more timely OS updates, or a much richer UI with the Desire but slower OS updates?

    I really love what I’ve seen of the Sense UI on Android, it’s a tough choice. It will be interesting to see pricing.

  • Karam

    My guess is that it’ll be around $200 on a 3 year contract and full price will be around $600

  • Jeff w

    Thank goodness, girlfriend is driving me nuts waiting for this.

  • Jerry

    Tempting but naw, still got to wait it out I think for Bell’s release of the Galaxy S. Want the Hummingbird over the Snapdragon.

  • Vince L

    It’s about time. Always a little late to the party, Canada. Even though the States is about to move past the 1ghz generation of phones, at least I can finally upgrade from my Audiovox 8900!

    It’s been a long wait!

  • Alex Davies

    with Samsung saying that the Galaxy s will come to other carrier in Canada too, I would assume that Telus will be getting one in the Fall. Launching the Desire in late July, early Aug is just too late – it’s already now only average in specs and performance, and soon to be completely out-classed by newer Android (and soon Windows Phone 7) handsets that will cost the same

  • Ryan Nelson

    Will Telus actually Cripple the phone? I know they do with regular phones (my LG Dare is kind of useless since you only really can use Telus apps which don’t exist)

    What would Telus have on here/or other smartphones that would cripple the phone?

  • Hugo B.


    Telus (and most carrier really) have actually been pretty with not crippling Android Handsets.

    They’re usually pretty much untouched, aside from being locked to the carrier. Other than that, they’ve so far kept their paws off of them.

    That being said, the point about comparing it to the Nexus One above is really good…. They’re essentially the same phone hardware aside from a few tweaks and HTC’s sense software… It’s a question of choice, but I would prefer Vanilla Android with fast upgrades to a custom skin where you’re totally dependant on the manufacturer’s good will.

    The HERO is a good example of what kind of desaster that could bring about (I gave away my Hero and upgraded to a Nexus One for that reason).

  • Jason Bayer

    I’m with Jerry.

    I think it’s time for something different. For the past 3 years, I’ve been with HTC (had the HTC Touch Diamond, then went to HTC Hero last year), and can honestly say, while HTC phones look amazing and are great to hold in the hand, the hardware in all of the HTC phones is crap. And then when I look at the Desire compared to a Galaxy S, its a no brainer.

    Galaxy S: 4″ Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Hummingbird processor (which performs at the same level as the snapdragon, just more power efficient = longer battery), Android 2.1 (but knowing HTC, itll take them over year before they even think about updating it), Bluetooth 3.0 (not even the iPhone has this), Wifi 802.11n, and video recording in 720p @30fps.

    All HTC has for it is the Sense UI and 64MB in RAM. And thats about it. Now I just gotta wait and get a release date for the Galaxy S.

  • Jason Bayer

    whoops…..I meant 64MB more in RAM. HTC Desire has 576MB of RAM, Galaxy S has 512MB. Sorry for that confusion.

  • Don

    Noooooooooo! I was trying so hard to wait for this phone. But my phone just died yesterday and I wasn’t able to resuscitate it. So I got an HTC Legend today.

  • cdub

    Hmm htc released on July 8th that the Desire, legend, Wildfire will be updated to 2.2 in Q3. around sept , oct.

  • BigC_13

    So you’ll be seeing it by next june if your lucky 😛

  • Woolie

    So like telus to release a phone thats behind the curve. Come on Galaxy S i9000. Well Sorry HTC I loved you long time; but HTC Desire/N1 and multitouch are epic fail and well documented. Otherwise very decent phone. Just better out there now.

  • Brian

    Buy an N1…Sense UI just slows your phone down, and you have to wait for HTC and TELUS to give u updates…Thanks google for being such a good friend!

  • Dino

    I’m definitely getting the Desire from Telus, my contract is up in a few months and telus keeps feeding me deals to get me to renew, Bell is IMO the worst of the big 3, If both the Galaxy S and Desire were coming out at the same time on all the Canadian carriers I’d definitely go with the Galaxy.

  • rm

    a little expensive on a 3 year considering telus just dropped the price of the 16gb 3gs to $99.. who the hell would buy the smaller model for the same price??

  • TheDroidFreak

    Just got my invite to the training!

  • Marcus

    @TheDroidFreak: Well, whens it coming out then?!

  • Sam

    Hey Guys,

    Can I unlock this phone from Telus and use it on Rogers network ?


  • ANdy

    I love my new htc desire. paid 79.99 on a three year contract, not bad compared to the iphone4(159.99) and the Samsung Galaxy s(149.99).

  • Darren E

    telus will merge with bell before 2013 anyway so nothing else matters…