Shaw selects NSN to build out wireless network


  • jarr

    old news – this info was released yesterday

  • Jon

    Same people that build WIND’s network.

  • Thomas

    Shaw and Telus are duking it out pretty good in the Internet/TV business, hopefully that’ll translate to wireless once Shaw TV subscribers start leaving Telus Mobility.

  • Sumi

    why is everybody going with AWS ..?

  • Rich

    I really like Shaw for the most part.

    But as Sumi mentioned, why friggan AWS?

  • Faruk

    Sumi: Because that’s what the Canadian government made available…

  • Faisal Mohamed

    Look on the bright side, with more AWS Providers, we wouldnt have to worry about device compatibility so much anymore, previously, it was just wind that had AWS, but now, if we see a nice handset from lets say Mobilicity and had good wind coverage and rate plans from shaw for example, their devices are dead on compatible no worries there, same thing with T-Mobile, we could get T-mobile handests if we wanted to use on WIND, Mobilicity, and Shaw, although we would still have the regular 3G 850/1900 Mhz which Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, SOLO, Virgin, and Koodo use

  • Harry

    the canadian governement indeed made the AWS available and made it cheaper for new comers to buy so they all did the big 3 were not allowed to bid on that spectrum talk about freedom in this country.

  • Rene

    Hopefully by then the selection of AWS phones will increase for the better.

    I actually have nothing bad to say about Shaw, I’ve had their cable internet since it came 10? years ago and it has been flawlessly reliable.

  • Ali

    most new companies are going AWS because its the new wireless technology.. the current device manufactueres will start making their upcming devices AWS because most of the new providers will be only AWS. the GSM that rogers and fido and at&t is using in the states is the older gsm technology and within 1 to 2 years rogers and the rest shoult also start switiching to AWS as in due time handset makers will be making more AWS devices and less of the current GSM models. the new carriers are setting them selves up for the future.

  • R


    Why would Rogers and the other company’s switch to AWS. GSM is already compatible with AWS. They run on the same frequency aside from the fact that AWS only has 850 and 1900.

    80% of the world runs on GSM.
    I feel as though AWS is the budget version of GSM

  • Billy

    @R – The AWS frequency that Shaw, Wind and Mobilicity operates on, or will operate on in Shaw’s case, is 1700/2100, not the same frequency as the GSM frequency that Robbellus uses. So you are wrong in saying that AWS only has 850 and 1900.

  • Brad

    I think that it would be great if Shaw could work together with Wind and/or Mobilicity in a partnership to give each other Canada wide AWS coverage. If they battle each other with petty little turf wars then the big 3 will crush them. Its not unheard of, Bell and Telus have been cronies for years!

  • God

    I think R is behind wireless technology, i agree with Ali & Billy