Primus releases HTC Magic+ and Nokia Surge


  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    Why wouldnt rogers drop tha magic on fido?

    Dont think thats gunna help there sales..

  • PJ

    $599 no contract price? they must be crazy. i mean virgin is offering a legend for $349 which is a lot better and a newer phone not to mention it’s way sexier!!!

  • Mike

    Rogers has a similar pricing issue with the Magic+ since the Liquid E came out.

    Liquid E – 2.1 with a snapdragon – $425
    Magic+ – 1.5 with ~400Mhz – $599

    I recently upgraded to the Liquid E and there is no comparison when it comes to the snappiness of the OS.

    Consider those old Android phones legacy and move on…

  • Nico

    Magic+ has a 528Mhz processor and the Liquid E’s Snapdragon OS underclocked to 768Mhz (or something like that).

  • colin

    what the heck is Primus :/