Nokia, BCE & TELUS included in the “Top 50 Socially Responsible Corporations”


  • Tom

    Hats off to Nokia.

    Greenpeace does a quarterly ranking of all the companies in the consumer electronics industry. Nokia is always #1.

    The sad part has been watching Nokia fall farther and farther behind Apple, who were ranked dead last in most quarters.

  • iivo

    nice to see the company getting kudos for it’s commitments…

  • ananymus

    This report lacks consideration of some serious facts. For example, Nokia was responsible for providing eaves-dropping technology for the government of Iran to track down their opposition during last year’s election dispute. For more examples go to the first comment in the provided Maclean’s link.
    I think Maclean’s will damage its reputation of being a socially responsible media with such inaccurate reports.