Rogers: Android OS 2.1 is coming for X10 & Magic

Interested if your Rogers Android device will be upgraded soon? Rogers has posted a quick update regarding some devices that will be getting OS 2.1. “RogersMary” states that “I just confirmed that HTC will deliver 2.1 for Magic for testing end of June. Acer Liquid will release w/ 2.1. X10 2.1 in Fall.”

So we know that the Acer Liquid E comes with 2.1… for the Sony Xperia X10 this news somewhat narrows the dates to the September, October, November period. And one of the first devices to lead the revolution, the HTC Magic (now called the Magic+) went through an incredibly rough period with the urgent 911 fix. This seems to be getting upgraded to 2.1 in June, but no confirmation that it’s actually coming as it’s only going for “testing”.

Via: RogersMary Twitter

(Thanks Dave!)