Rogers to launch Xperia X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro this Summer?


  • Shawn Altorio

    The Pro should be a good option for my fiancee, assuming I don’t have any major issues with the full X10 I’m picking up tonight.

  • Francis Mendoza

    I like the Pro version. Hmm Summer could that be August?

  • e823

    This summer Rogers is going mini;
    X10 Mini
    X10 Pro Mini
    N97 Mini

  • CSensation

    I’m hoping this comes out soon… hoping to pick it up just in time for the “Back to School” phone plans! Rumor had it May/June, now June is almost done… so hoping it’s no later than end of July.

  • toreador

    x10 mini will prob be in Canada 4th Q, hopefully with supposed 2.1 update, and with fixes to known volume problems

  • Nivea

    When will the X10 Mini Pro get to Rogers, or even Canada?