Update: Rogers Xperia X10 to be priced at $149.99 on 3-year


  • pascal

    not that bad… for a 800$ thingy!

  • Francis M.

    Please review the phone ( Hardware and Software ). Let us know what you think. I hear that it does not have multi-touch and it’s slow but once you have a released product let us know what you think please. What is the advantage and disadvantage of not having a multi-touch on a phone anyway?

  • Francis M.

    I checked out Rogers site for the phone. Found this line in Specifications:

    Platform / Operating System:
    Google™ Android (ver. TBA)

    We shall see..

  • Brendan Mcmillen

    Not being able to use certain apps for android as most phones are now getting native multitouch. Also multitouch on the keyboard helps immensely as if your going really fast your hitting another key before you let go of another one then it will recognize it but without multitouch you have to slow down. And reviewers have complained about the keyboard saying they have had to double press a key to get it to register

  • theninjasquad

    Im more interested to see what the 1 and 2 year pricing is going to be. Im hoping it is something reasonable but probably not.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what version of Android to put on it. I think Rogers will get an earful if another Android device comes out for them that is stuck on v1.5.

  • @ai4281

    Too little too late, sony ericsson! No multitouch and 1.5 is definitely a deal breaker.

  • elqueue

    seeing as though my post wasn’t published, let me say it again: it runs on 1.6, there will be an upgrade to 2.1 but the hardware makes it too complicated to implement multi touch. look around the web for more info. (mobilesyrup didn’t want me to link to the review that stated it)

  • Albert

    The phone is running Android 1.6(Donut) although Sony said it will go to 2.1 eventually not sure how long that will take. The phone does not have multi-touch and it can only support 65K colors due to the limitation of Android 1.6

  • JPTN

    Just root it. That’s what XDA Developers is for.

    When I got my Rogers X1a, the first thing I did was charge it. The second thing I did, 45m later was to flash it to a custom ROM.

    It was a “Rogers” phone for all of 2 hours (time to took to receive an unlock code).

    $549 no-term is a decent price considering the 32GB iPhone 3GS is $799 on Rogers’ site.

  • pascal

    that will void your warranty just so you know so no repairs and/or Swaps… beside that, rooting will improve performance so much… you wont reconize your phone!

  • pascal

    IN UK the X10 is 625EUR (around 850 CAN$) so either Rogers is pulling a deal or Vodafone UK is ripping english customers off!!

  • Mlexxus

    Another reason why they wont implement multitouch is simple, they dont want to get sued by Apple, bunch of ****** 🙂

  • Mathieu

    You should wait the Android 2.1 update for the X10 before thinking about buying this phone.
    Sony Ericsson is not known to be on schedule, so don’t expect this update soon.

    BTW, the Nexus One (Google Phone) is already available for 530$ (+30$ of shipping + taxes) without contract and it will have all the latest Android updates first.

  • Randy

    Every video review I’ve seen of this phone, even demo’s by Sony people (whom you’d think would have it running flawlessly for their own demo) showed it to be somewhat slow, and very laggy. Perhaps that was pre-release, I don’t know, but I would definitely wait and see with this one.

  • hachigo

    This would have been interesting if it was released at the end of last year…as it stands…no thanks. Good price though.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig


    why is that? It will still be arguabley the best android phone in a Canada, especially since you will likely be able to flash custom 2.1 ROMs onto it.

  • hachigo

    Well if it can be rooted then maybe. Apparently multi touch will never appear due to a hardware limitation. And it looks like it still lags…hopefully that is because of the customization and not something else. I think an AMOLED screen would have made this a really nice phone though.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig

    Is rogers still going to be getting the Acer Liquid?

  • florian

    i tried to do a pre-order, but the website is not working properly :
    ,,Nous sommes désolés. Nous éprouvons actuellement des difficultés techniques sur rogers.com : il n’est pas possible pour le moment d’accéder au site. Au cours de cette période, il se peut que vous ne soyez pas en mesure d’acheter des produits ou d’effectuer des transactions par le biais du libre-service en ligne. Veuillez réessayer plus tard,,.what i have to do?