Bell having SIM Card DOA issues

If you’re one of the many that have hopped on to the new Bell HSPA network, you might be one of the chosen one’s to get a DOA SIM card as well. We’ve been tipped that Bell has put a procedure in place for all who are experiencing SIM issues.

An internal doc (dated Feb. 10th) stated “A minor update to the firmware of Bell HSPA SIM cards has been tested and proven to provide greater overall stability. This update resolves the limited number of DOA SIM issues recently identified across a range of mobile phones and smartphones. This update has already been implemented in existing SIM cards and has been included in recent shipments to retail channels.”

The quick way for you to know if you’re effected and the best way to get a new SIM, the document says:

• If the DOA SIM card being returned has a version number that ends with “007” instead of “009” or higher as identified below, the client can get a replacement from a Bell World location free of charge, regardless of date of purchase.

• If the DOA SIM card has a version number that ends with “009” or higher, the replacement follows the existing 30 day return policy.