Is Dave Wireless going to be called “Fresh Wireless”?

Since posting this article Dave Wireless has sent out a release stating on Tuesday, February 2nd will be the “unveiling of Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc.’s (DAVE Wireless) brand name and logo as the new wireless carrier gears up to launch.”

There has been much speculation about new entrant Dave Wireless about their highly anticipated launch date. What we know about Dave so far is that they invested $243.1-million for 10 licenses during the Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction and will be launching in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.

In addition, they have signed a roaming agreement with T-Mobile and Rogers; brought on Ericsson to design and build their 3G UMTS network; signed a cell-site sharing agreement with Bell. To date they have been heavily undercover about when they will be launching and what name they will be launching. For the plans, Dave will offer phones with no-contract, unlimited voice & text messaging, free voice mail and long distance within Canada

News comes today that a name has leaked online, mainly due to an update to several domain names that DAVE (Data Audio & Visual Enterprises Inc) registered: “Fresh Wireless”… they also have registered “Fresh Mobile”. More evidence points to the registered YouTube Channel “Fresh Wireless” and Twitter account “Fresh Wireless”.  Also apparently the tag line of the new brand direction is “My Phone, My City, My Way”.

Everything seems legit and on the up and up. Sounds good and actually feels like a great name… time will tell though! What do you think about this possible new brand name?