Rogers pulls Dream off shelf due to urgent 911 software fix


  • Hub

    Will they waive the 911 fee?

  • Jim R

    @Hub – Thanks for making me laugh today!

  • Mark (Ontario Canada)

    How about a little more information on the exact problem, guys? I don’t own one of these, but are interested in this issue none the less, but this article isn’t really forthcoming on exactly *what* the problem is in relation to GPS and 911. How does having the GPS enabled effect 911 calls…does it prevent them? Give bad location information? Crash the phone?

  • Nick

    I wonder what people who updated to 1.6 should do.

  • Aaron Goldberg

    this is why i stick with a blackberry.

  • Erik

    Rogers sucks, plain and simple. Keep sticking up for them though! 😉

  • Mathieu

    WTF! How the GPS can affect the 911 calls … this is bullsh*t!

  • Lucas Crook

    I own a Dream and was never contacted?

  • julienrl

    normally when you call 911 the gps info is sent no? maybe it has something to do with that, a bug somewhere in that process.

  • hank

    It is the software. Its like a bug in Windows, Windows Update will fix it.

    If it was hardware, there would be a recall.

  • Mathieu

    Since when the GPS Location is sent when you call 911? how a phone call can transmit your GPS Location?

    The only location the police may have, is the location of the cell tower that transmit your call and it’s up to the carrier …

  • rob

    I got a text from Rogers saying the problem exists on HTC magics as well.

  • boob

    rogers is waiving 911 fee fro the time u have HTC phone. if u don;t do upgrade then this fee will be waived for ever.

  • boob

    also tell rogers to replace handset. i got mine without paying anything extra