Rogers HTC Dream to Magic Exchange details…


  • Doug

    Done deal if you ask me. The only question I have… will I have to turn in my Dream, or can I keep it? :/

  • Hub

    Ahaha, renew the contact. Nice fine print. So it is not free of charge. As long they get the contract renewed for three more years…

    Who said it would be free?

  • MCG

    I am calling in tonight, if I don’t have to lose my Dream then I dun see why I shouldn’t do this.

  • Brendan McMillen

    Just ordered my magic and i get to keep my dream =D. And ill sell my dream buy out my rogers contract and get my Milestone =D. And i still get a free phone works out for me.

  • RogersMary

    As is typical with hardware upgrades, you do not need to return the device.

    Hope that helps clarify,

  • Mathieu Petitpas

    $79 upgrade cost? is that the difference between the price of the two phones? or does rogers actually charge people a fee to upgrade?

  • PL

    @Hub If someone has a Dream, then they’re most likely less than a year into their contract, right? and that contract is most likely a 3year contract.. so they can think of it as really just adding another few months to their current contract, and getting a free brand new phone out of it. Then they can save one of the devices for when the other starts to fall apart (which seems almost inevitable with the dream’s slider…) and just swap SIMs..
    I think its wicked and I’m impressed that Rogers is offering this.
    I’m with MTS in Manitoba, my phone is very literally falling apart and malfunctioning, meanwhile I paid $150 for it initially, and still have a year left on my contract (where a buyout is $360.. no way in HELL a Moto Z6m is worth anywhere near $510..but can’t really negotiate a buyout when I want to switch carriers) and sadly the best they can offer me is let me borrow one of their “loaner phones”.. usually something like a 3year old worn out feature-less clam.. Which at least is something, yes, but how do you justify making me that much money “to recover the subsidized price of the phone”.. the phone was half paid for from the start, and they’ve screwed up enough of my bills to make up the rest of it..
    Sorry I guess I kinda went on a rant there about how much MTS sucks.. Help me spread the word! ha

  • TayTay

    Can anyone confirm that this is true?

    I can’t find anything on their website.

    I’m going to call and get the upgrade ASAP if this is in fact true.

  • midtoad

    “Hi, I’m from Rogers. I’ve got a bunch of HTC Magics that no one is buying. I need to find a way to get rid of them, and at the same time, lock in customers for THREE years so that they won’t leave and go get a better deal on Telus, Bell or WIND. What the heck can I do? Who would possible want these old Android phones running lowly Android 1.5? Wait, I’ve got an idea…”

  • mjschmidt

    @Hub (and all): To clarify, because there seems to be some misunderstanding, NO ONE will be asked to extend their contract by 3 years.

    The contract must be extended by a number of months equal to the number of months since you bought the Dream. So the most anyone would have to extend is 7 months (if you bought your phone in June).

    You get the phone at no extra cost, except for that extension… _and_ you get to KEEP your Dream!

    I kinda wish I’d bought a Dream instead of a Magic so I could get a Magic and give the Dream to my wife!

  • Patrick

    Does anyone have a link to where I can do the upgrade though

    I talked to some a**hole representative that said people who upgraded were not eligible.

  • jim

    Ahhh… and there’s the rub. On the hook for another 3 years.

  • Brendan McMillen


    Who you talked to was misinformed i ordered my magic no problem and i upgraded the dream. Keep calling back and ask to speak to a manager if necessary

  • Larry

    Forget Robers Canadas unreliable network.Go Telus/Bell better service,Trust me I been there 10 years nothing has changed.Switching to Telus in the summer when Sasktel comes on line with HSPA.

  • ace862

    Umm, most of us are on the hook for 3 years anyway. The only thing we are adding to our contract is at the very most 7 months, like mjschmidt said, if you bought your phone in June. So me personally, I extend my contract by 5 months, get a free phone that will be upgraded to 2.1. And, I keep my original phone. I don’t really see a down side to this.


    This is a grate deal.. in no way is anyone extended there term more then 7months.. and rogers is that upgrade KING by all meens!!! But what about people who PAID FULL COST or WON a rogers htc dream?? seems there screwed in this deal!?

  • Nas

    Would they honor this if i sign a contract today with the dream, then go home and call them to upgrade ? 🙂

  • J-M Roubos

    Wow…that is something else.
    Way to go Rogers.

  • Michael S

    Its only for purchases and activations by DEC-31.. so any in january are SOL

  • Upgrade

    To complete the upgrade online, go to my Rogers, upgrade phone, and it will show a special offer for the HTC Magic – Just completes as a hardware upgrade

  • Glenn

    I’ve been dealing with (and fighting with) rogers for 10 years now. I’ve never quite been unhappy enough to quit and switch.
    In the summer, I talked them into an earlier upgrade because I _wanted_ the Dream. Today, I took advantage of the upgrade promotion, and it was probably the SMOOTHEST transaction I have EVER had with Rogers.
    Maybe with all the competition and the public outcry they are finally turning a corner and going back to a Company with Service vs a Company that was bound to the almighty buck. Ok they are still bound by the Buck, but they are going about it in a much better way lately. 🙂

    My Dream comes on Monday!!!

  • Nay Nay

    I’m upgrading today. I only got my Dream in November, and although I love it and will miss the keyboard, this is too good a deal to pass up!

  • Scott S

    At first I thought what a crock until I read the part about keeping your old phone. Pretty sweet if you ask me, just upgrade, sell both phones and get out of your contract!

  • Adam

    I just called Rogers, took less then 5 minutes to have the phone ordered. I am fairly impressed for once with Rogers.

    Its great that I get to keep the dream too…

  • scott

    Just got this response from Rogers regarding the LG EVE.

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service.

    At this time there are no plans to upgrade the LG EVE with the Android 2.1 but keep visiting for updates.

    We are pleased to have been able to address your inquiry. For additional information please visit our website at You are a valued customer and we thank you for your business.

  • Shawn

    I ran into a slight problem ordering my Magic, but it wasn’t the fault of the rep. I recently consolidated my account, and as such it’s showing that I’ve had my line since January 2010 even though I got my Dream in September. The rep was able to submit a case and the phone will be ordered within 24-48 hours. If anyone else is told there’s a “technical problem” preventing them from ordering the Magic, take any recent changes to your account into consideration.

  • Didzkis

    man your all those “scared of commitment oh my god, fine print” people. like really? i got my HTC Dream in September, and i can get a FREE 650$ phone for extending my contract by 4 MONTHS! then i will? you honestly going to tell me thats how they get you? so my original 36 month contract with one phone ends up being a 40 month contract with 2 phones? you would be completely retarded not to take this deal

  • Nathan Jones

    That’s awesome! My wife just dropped her Blackberry in slush (Damn you Winter! Damn you all to hell!)

    So rather than go back to her old Nokia dumbphone, I’ll give her my Dream…and I’ll take the magic. (or vice versa, who knows)

    5 Minute phonecall to Rogers, and it’s a done deal. I’ve *NEVER* only been on the phone with Rogers for 5 minutes. Couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Sandi Pniauskas

    Is there any other option than the Magic (re: qwuerty keyboard issue?)

  • Bill

    I’m still trying to figure out why this is considered an upgrade. No one’s said why, yet.


  • Mark

    I for one am impressed, and plan to stay with Rogers because they *listened* to their customers. I’ve been burned by Rogers before but the transition to the Magic was really smooth for me, and I’m impressed, thanks for listening! Please keep up this new habit Rogers!

    The reason this is an upgrade is because the Dream cannot be upgraded to newer versions of the Android OS (such as 2.1). Whereas the HTC Magic *can* be upgraded since it has more memory. Thus the Magic is an upgrade to the Dream since it is no longer outdated.


    Well i have a htc magic and received the text message telling me about the 911 bug… so i wonder what do i upgrade to now???

    Rogers, gimme some upgrades pls!!!!

  • Zuch

    Just got off the phone with Rogers, I was going to take advantage of this, seems the upgrade offer has “been suspended”. 🙁

  • Zuch

    Just talked to Rogers AGAIN.. The offer has been suspended only because they are out of stock!

  • johny-g

    Rogers sent me the HTC MAGIC and verbally acknowledged the no charge commitment for upgrade cost, admin fee and cost of phone. My billing now shows the Hwr upgrade charge $79.99, Hwr admin fee $35.00 and “optional” Hwr charge of $170.00. I am assured that this will be corrected and the VISA charged back. This isn’t the first time I hit some bumps and snags doing hwr upgrades or plan changes.

    I recommend that in dealing with Rogers, keep notes of the who and when and get some kind of transaction reference or ID number, just in case there is a problem.