4G iPhone rumours start to surface (Fourth Generation)

Remember last week when former Senior Marketing Manager at Apple John Martellaro stated that it was common practice to have “controlled leaks” of some of the upcoming Apple products. He said “I know, because when I was a Senior Marketing Manager at Apple, I was instructed to do some controlled leaks. The way it works is that a senior exec will come in and say, “We need to release this specific information. John, do you have a trusted friend at a major outlet? If so, call him/her and have a conversation. Idly mention this information and suggest that if it were published, that would be nice. No e-mails!”

The rumours are now swirling of the next generation of the iPhone to have several updates, starting with a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. AppleInsider is reporting that Philips’ Lumileds Lighting sector is leading the pack for “tens of millions” of LEDs. More rumours have spread around the processor. TheStreet.com reports Apple signed a contract with Qualcomm to supply an EV-DO chip for Verizon: “Apple has chosen Qualcomm as its chip supplier [3G wireless technology chip for EV-DO] for the new version of the iPhone headed to Verizon this summer”.

Want more? How about limited multitasking ability? Remember a few months ago there was “Springboard” that popped up. It gave you the ability to see all your apps on one page rather than scrolling through several pages. Rumours are that a new home might be finally coming that ill have multitasking.

All of these rumours would be incredibly cool if they truly happened… the truth will eventually surface.
(Thanks Larry!)