TELUS tosses SAF… intros “Clear Choice” rate plans

Effective November 5th, TELUS is getting of the System Access Fees (SAF) and the carrier 911 fees. Instead, they have introduced the “Clear Choice” rate plans and state that “The price you see is the price you pay”.

In addition, TELUS will also reduce the number of rate plan options and make it easier for customers to choose one that fits their needs. Darren Entwistle, TELUS president and CEO said “Clear and simple is at the heart of TELUS’ brand promise, the future is friendly. Nobody likes surprises. We are listening to Canadians, who have told us wireless pricing can be confusing. With TELUS’ Clear Choice plans, the price you see is the price you pay.”

TELUS gives an example of how it works (chart below): “Here’s a comparison of a typical current rate plan structure and one of our new Clear Choice plans, with the same number of included minutes and options. Commencing November 5, a $30 plan actually costs less than a $25 plan did, when you take away the Systems Access Fees (SAF) and carrier 911 fees plus, clients get voicemail!”


TELUS says “Existing TELUS clients can continue to renew on their existing rate plans or have the option to switch to the new clear and simple pricing at launch”.

In the FAQ section, TELUS says that:
Q. As an existing TELUS client, can I stay on my existing rate plan and remove SAF and carrier 911 fees?
A. No. The expenses covered by System Access and carrier 911 fees still exist, so you must continue to pay the fees while you remain on your existing plan. You have the option to change to Clear Choice™ rate plans as of November 5, but if you choose to do so, you will forfeit the benefits and features of your existing rate plan.

Q. As an existing TELUS client, can I continue to renew on my existing rate plan?
A. Yes, you can. Existing clients will continue to be able to renew their current plan as it exists.

In addition, certain provinces by law will still have to pay a regulated provincial 911 fee that TELUS is mandated to collect. Those provinces are: P.E.I (50¢), Nova Scotia (43¢), New Brunswick (53¢), Saskatchewan (38¢) and Quebec municipal 911 tax of 40¢.

More info here at TELUS

So… do you like the direction TELUS is heading? New network, new devices, NO SAF or 911 fees!

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