TELUS rolls out “Device Protection Plan”


A few weeks back we let you know that TELUS was implementing an insurance program called “Device Protection Plan”. Good news for those who want to have something passed the manufacturers warranty as this service is now available.

The service is not handled by TELUS, but by a company called Asurion who is apparently “a trusted leader in technology protection”. Basically it cost you $7 per month (plus tax and can be canceled at any time without penalty) and covers you if your device is lost, stolen or sustains some types of damages not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. With something of this nature you must read the fine print (and there are pages of it). It says “When a service request is approved, there will be a replacement service fee of $40, $80 or $150 depending of device model involved in the incident.”

The turnaround sounds quick as they say “you’ll receive a comparable replacement model, typically 1 – 2 business days”. However, in the FAQ section it states that “Our goal is to give you the same make and model that you purchased. We may fulfill service requests with like- kind and quality devices of the same or newer model. As a result, colour, brand, model, features and accessory compatibility are not guaranteed.”

Plus “Subscribers are eligible for a maximum of 2 service requests within any consecutive 12 months, after which your Device Protection Plan subscription will be cancelled by TELUS. You will be eligible for this service again after 12 months when you activate a new device. Each service request is limited to a maximum value of $750.”

Also, here are some other details that you should know about… “The Device Protection Plan only replaces the client’s device and standard in box accessories. It does not cover other damages or losses. Incidents caused by :

  1. War, revolution, acts of public enemy or terrorist, labour difficulties, civil commotion, embargo, acts of government, or military authority.
  2. Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts.
  3. Pre-existing incidents with the client`s equipment that occurred before the client subscribed to the Device Protection plan.
  4. Changes or enhancements in color, texture, finish, expansion, contraction, or any cosmetic damage to the client`s device or standard in-box accessories however caused, including, but not limited to, scratches and marring, or
  5. Incidents caused by computer viruses or similar unauthorized intrusive codes or programming are not covered by the Device Protection Plan.

The following are also excluded from the Device Protection Plan :

  1. Contraband or property in the course of illegal transportation or trade.
  2. Property in transit to you from anyone other than Asurion.
  3. Routine maintenance and consumable items, such as batteries (one standard battery will be provided with the replacement device if it is a different model than defective device or if the battery was part of the incident
  4. Antennas, or
  5. Any accessories (except in box accessories), including but not limited to color face plates, personalized data, or customized software, such as personal information managers (PIMs), ring tones, games, or screen savers.

Again, make sure you read the fine print… but if you are prone to dropping, losing or damaging your device the $7 might be a good choice.

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