VIDEO: Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 internal promo kit

Thanks to our VERY nice friends in the east coast who showed us the Bell internal promotional kit for the upcoming Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630. This thing is loaded with a buffet of goodness.

You’ll have to check out the complete video but a rundown is a beachball, flyers to educate employees on how to sell the Tour, skins, posters some iLane info (so Bell will be selling this in the future)… all nicely packaged in a box that gives all the specs!

This will be launching on July 17th on the following price plans:
3-year: most likely will be $249.95 or possibly be $299.95 depending on what limited time offer (LTO) Bell decides on.
Outright: $699.95

Be sure to check back shortly as we’ll have an unboxing. Here’s the video: