Globalive CEO confirms “that is not our document”

globalhoaxAs the drama unfolded late last night and into this morning that Globalive’s full marketing strategy leaked online… this had upcoming price plans and devices that had Canadians extremely curious about our newest carrier. Devices such as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, HTC Android Dream and Magic.

The document looked incredibly real and time has certainly passed.  CEO Tony Lacavera has written a blog post on WirelessSoapbox.com to clarify the so-called leak and let us all know “that is not our document”… was this a global hoax?

“Today there is a document posted on Howardforums that claims to be a Globalive Wireless presentation to clarify the situation that is not our document. There is a lot of speculation in the blogosphere about our plans and rates but this false document certainly takes it to the next level – and certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm out there!!

The reality is, we have yet to make any decisions with respect to our final offerings.

Wireless Soapbox is the only authority on Globalive offerings. And, I ask that you continue to share your valued feedback with us as we head toward launch. That being said, what do you think about the plans being discussed on Howardforums: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?p=12586419#post12586419

Thank you for your continued support!


So what do you think, how true is the document and the price plans? A couple points I must add about this:

1. If “Wireless Soapbox is the only authority on Globalive offerings” how come majority of the replies are spam for Rolex watches? I love the idea that Globalive came out with the WirelessSoapbox and really wish they kept it up. It would really measure what us Canadians are really looking for.

2. In Tony’s comment he only mentions “what do you think about the plans being discussed”… perhaps he’s getting marketing insight and this was a hoax from the beginning constructed by Globalive. However, he doesn’t mention anything about the actual devices in the documents, could these actually be coming to Globalive in the future?

If the documents is real or not, there is one thing for sure is that Tony is handling this with a great amount of professionalism. He seems to truly want to understand what us Canadians are looking for.

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