The world needs a BlackBerry Bold laced with pink, yellow, black, champagne & white diamonds!

bbdiamondsboldTrust me, I like diamonds and believe everyone should have a few of them. However, over the past few months we have certainly seen our share of iPhone’s covered in diamonds… and now for all the CrackBerry addicts out there you too can join the upper echelon and get a stellar looking Bold douced in diamonds!

Luxury designer and jeweler Knalihs Athem has created unique “masterpieces of art” and the Bold is described as a “one of a kind exclusive customization by Athem is available in various designs using natural diamonds including pink, yellow, black, champagne and white diamonds.” And what is even better, just to make sure you truly have something unique, “The Back is available in beige, black, red, brown and maroon crocodile skin, red and tan leather, black-bronze and black-red snake skin and blue and pink denim finish.”

No word on how much this actually costs, but I guess when you get to this level it doesn’t matter. Completely jealous.

Source: BBCool & Athem