Bell takes over Virgin for $142 million, the end of Solo Mobile?


  • theninjasquad

    Maybe Bell can learn something from Virgins great customer service.

  • Ted Avery

    I find this to be some sad news 🙁 It was Virgin and their brand that really cared about having high value for customers. They were the first to offer no system access fees and lead the way in affordable wireless for Canadians. It certainly wasn't Bell's doing, Solo was always considerably pricier than Virgin until just recently.

    Thank you, Virgin, for your contribution and competition in the Canadian wireless industry!

  • midtoad

    WTF? This cannot be good for consumers. Virgin apparently brought in lots of good ideas and some service features that were not present in Bell's Solo Mobile. Are we now going to have poorer plans and services from Bell?

  • the goro

    Well im not suprised by this at all. Virgin Mobile Canada had way to many issues that they just couldnt resolve. Thier Problems where from marketing to managment and business model.

    This happen alot faster then every one expected but i guess you can only bleed out money for so long.

  • mario83

    i dont know what will change in the long term, but i recently got a phone with virgin mobile. in the activation process i screwed up the programing the phone. so i called and i didn't wait long at all, and the CSR treated me good. granted i have limited experience with their customer service but so far im impressed with their service,