LG enters the virtual reality race with the LG 360 VR

Igor Bonifacic

February 21, 2016 8:46am

LG today announced its own Google Cardboard VR headset.

Called the LG 360 VR, the sleek headset is notably different from some of the other Cardboard headsets we’ve seen enter the market over the last couple of months. Primarily, in contrast to headsets like the Gear VR, which require the user to insert their smartphone into the headset, the LG 360 VR features its own 639ppi display.

LG VR Headset

This results in a package that is lighter than the competition — the 360 VR headset only weighs 118 grams — and has a unique foldable design that makes it easier to carry around. However, the disadvantage of the design is that the LG 360 VR is connected to the G5 through a wire.

The device is capable of viewing images and videos captured using the LG 360 Cam, as well as all Google Cardboard content.

LG has yet to announce pricing and availability for the 360 VR headset.

  • thereasoner

    I like this approach to mobile VR and the headgear should offer both a better viewing experience and comfort over my Gear VR but it lacks the content that the Gear VR has in its partnership with Oculus.

    • Joseph

      I can agree with you on that but the LG VR is supposed to work with google cardboard which is a plus I guess

    • thereasoner

      Yeah it does have Google street view VR apps , YouTube VR video ect but so does the Gear VR and the Gear VR also has Oculus VR apps as the Gear VR is made in partnership with Oculus who will bring us the expensive Oculus Rift VR that connects to gaming computers.

      It seems like the LG set up will look better and possibly offer a better viewing experience with more pixel dense screens but it’s not enclosed which could be a distraction and it’s not securely fixed with straps meaning one hand may be required for stability like Google Cardboard . Samsungs Gear VR looks to have more content and may offer a more immersive experience with a fully enclosed headset and it sits well with no movement thanks to the straps included.

  • Liquid5n0w

    Tethered to a phone seems like a really interesting solution…