You can soon start your Tesla Model S with an iPhone

Douglas Soltys

August 21, 2014 12:53pm

A screenshot of Telsa’s upcoming v6.0 firmware release shows new capabilities for iPhone users, including the ability to start their Tesla without a keyfob by using the Tesla Mobile app.

It’s uncertain exactly how the feature will work, but speculation persists that the feature will require a Touch ID-enabled iPhone, and iOS 8, which is coming in September.

Tesla v6.0 update

  • alphs22

    Forgetting your key fob so you can start your Tesla with your iPhone. Talk about rich people problems.

    • UssDefiant

      You should have added the word “Tesla” in there

    • alphs22

      Edited. I had meant to say that 😉

    • cartfan88

      What about if you can’t reach the keyfob in a pair of hipster skinny jeans? Maybe this is their way of making the world a better place….for hipsters.

  • bruce

    I hope Android devices represent this cool ability.

  • Jim5437532

    I would like to know if the Tesla that was stolen, crashed, burned and exploded; killing the driver: if the thief unlocked the door and started the Tesla with a hack? I wouldn’t be surprised if hackers and car thieves already have made an app to unlock Tesla’s doors and start them.